Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2022 Written Update Rhea’s fake love

Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2022 Written Update Rhea's fake love

Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2022 Written Update Rhea’s fake love Kumkum Bhagya written update Ranbir asks Prachi what was she doing with Sid in that house. She refuses to talk about it. He asks her the reason. She asks him to not get adamant. He asks her to leave from his sight if she can’t answer him. They get into an argument, and he turns disappointed with her. Pallavi corners Rhea and Aaliya for a talk. She tells that sometimes she feels Rhea’s love and concern, its all looks too fake.

Rhea is shocked to hear this. Aaliya finds Pallavi upset with Rhea. She tells Rhea that Pallavi was on her side till now, but today she has chosen Prachi, she has changed her side. She tells that they will have to make a backup plan as soon as possible to get Pallavi back on their side. Rhea grows worried when she finds Pallavi withdrawing the support. Pallavi starts believing in Ranbir and Prachi’s love after witnessing the miracle of Prachi reviving Ranbir.


Earlier in the show, Rhea asks Prachi what will she do. She calls Prachi a parrot who always repeats things. She asks Prachi to say something concrete. Prachi tells that Rhea will fail. Rhea calls her weak from the mind and heart. Prachi tells that she is Prachi Ranbir Kohli. Rhea shouts that Prachi isn’t Ranbir’s wife, Prachi will marry Sid and then leave Ranbir forever. Prachi tells that she can expose Rhea in just two days, then Rhea’s game plan will flop. Rhea asks her to do anything she can in two days, and then they shall see who wins. She wishes good luck to Prachi and goes to meet Aaliya.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2022 Written Update Rhea’s fake love:

Vikram tells that he shall get Ranbir’s Kundali checked for the problem. Ranbir tells that the problem is in the family, who doesn’t love him as before. Pallavi beats him. Ranbir tells that Pallavi has beaten him. Vikram tells that Pallavi just beats him. Ranbir finds him blind in Pallavi’s love. Ranbir asks Sahana to check the marks on his arm. Pallavi tells that Sahana always blames her. Dida asks Pallavi not to beat Ranbir. Ranbir jokes on Pallavi. Vikram asks him to join gym and make an iron body. Vikram and Pallavi have a cute banter. Ranbir enjoys their banter. Pallavi asks him what is he thinking. He tells that his family is crazy and he is lucky.

Doctor asks them to let Ranbir rest and go to the waiting room. Vikram tells that they will leave. Pallavi thanks him for saving Ranbir’s life. Doctor asks her to thank Prachi, because she has shown him a miracle, when Prachi held Ranbir’s hand, Ranbir’s heartbeats started running, Prachi hurried with his treatment too, and that’s the reason Ranbir got saved. He tells that he has believed the power of love after seeing this miracle. Ranbir tells the doctor that he is lucky to have Prachi in his life. Pallavi sees Prachi getting the medicines. She feels indebted to Prachi for saving Ranbir’s life. Vikram asks Prachi did she get the medicines, why is she looking worried. Prachi tells that she is bit tired. He asks her to take rest. She goes to give the medicines. She asks Pallavi if she can go. Pallavi permits her. She remembers Rhea’s arguments with the hospital staff. She doesn’t find Rhea around.

Pallavi enters the ward and finds Prachi and Ranbir arguing. Prachi scolds Ranbir with love. Doctor tells that arguments and smiles happen with newly married couples. Ranbir tells that its happening with them since a long time. Pallavi thinks Prachi has saved Ranbir, but Rhea has not even waited to meet Ranbir. She asks doctor to let Prachi stay with Ranbir, he will stay safe in her company. Doctor tells that nurses are there to take care of Ranbir. Pallavi tells that nurses would have other patients to see, but Prachi just has Ranbir. Doctor tells that Prachi has her love that’s works magic on Ranbir.

Pallavi thinks Sid is marrying Prachi, so Ranbir won’t have Prachi for long. She asks Prachi to stay with Ranbir and take care of her. She is grateful that Ranbir is safe today because of Prachi. Vikram and Ranbir get pleased to see this kind side of Pallavi. Vikram tells Pallavi that he loves her, he misses her and he can’t live without her. He tells that he is so proud of her that she didn’t judge Prachi wrongly this time. He knows that she feels awkward when someone praises her. He tells that Pallavi is a good wife and the best mother. Ranbir asks Prachi what magic did she do on Pallavi.

Prachi tells that she didn’t do any magic. Ranbir tells that her magic worked on him also. She asks how is he feeling. He tells that he is okay. He asks did she get scared when he got shot. He likes the see the concern in her eyes. He asks her what was she doing with Sid in that haunted house. She remembers Sid’s words and doesn’t tell the truth. She asks Ranbir to not question and take care of himself. He asks her not to divert the topic. She asks why is he doing this. He asks her to answer him, why was she with Sid at such a place. He asks her to leave if she can’t give an answer.

She asks him not to get adamant, she will stay here as Pallavi wanted. He asks her to just leave. He gets upset. She tells that she is his wife, she will take care of him. He asks her to leave. He calls the nurse. He asks her why did she get late. Nurse tells that she was attending another patient. He asks Prachi to leave. Vikram tells Pallavi that she has done good by giving Ranbir’s responsibility to Prachi. He asks her not to show anger on Prachi, that looks fake. He tells that she isn’t fake, there is a logical reason too. He finds her right that she reacts naturally.

He tells that nobody can care for Ranbir better than Prachi. Pallavi tells that its not true, Prachi is now emotionally connected to Ranbir, she has made many mistakes before, but this time she didn’t harm anyone, so it’s a reward to get Ranbir’s responsibility. She tells that she isn’t so bad as he thinks. He tells that she can never get bad. He asserts that Prachi is good for Ranbir, which she realizes too on rare occasions. Rhea and Aaliya overhear them. Rhea tells that Prachi has a new fan. She taunts Pallavi for giving Ranbir’s responsibility to Prachi.

Pallavi is angry on Rhea. Aaliya asks the matter. Pallavi tells that Rhea left Ranbir and didn’t see him once. Rhea tells that she fought the hospital staff but didn’t get an entry, Ranbir doesn’t care for her. Pallavi asks will her love for Ranbir get less. Rhea tells that her love won’t get less, Ranbir has no attachment with her. Pallavi asks her if she has sent any message for Ranbir. She tells that everyone has gone to meet Ranbir. She feels Rhea’s love is fake. She asks Rhea to stop making excuses, and be with Ranbir if she has any love for him. She tells that Prachi is still with Ranbir and taking care of him. Aaliya tells Rhea that Pallavi is against her, this isn’t good, they need a backup plan. Aaliya enters Mihika’s room and attacks her.

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  1. Fed up fed up with this writer trying so hard to make rhea n ranbir a couple by continuing the misunderstanding between ranbir,Prachi n Sid’s relationship.nearly 15 MTHS and Prachi can’t get the stain of this fake relationship /affair with Sid rigged by alliya n rhea to be removed n prove herself innocent.shit crappy story.


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