Kundali Bhagya Spoilers New Trouble 12th December 2022

Kundali Bhagya Spoilers New Trouble 12th December 2022

Kundali Bhagya Spoilers New Trouble 12th December 2022 The police reach Luthras Pharma industries for the raid, after Arjun gives them a tip. Rishabh tells that he isn’t doing any illegal work in his company. The police don’t believe Rishabh. The reporters also reach there and cover the news. They speak wrong things about Luthras and anger Rishabh. They provoke Rishabh and then defame him. Rishabh asks the reporter not to show wrong news and cheat his profession. He asks who gave him the rights to judge them. The reporter tells that Rishabh is threatening them. Mahesh asks the security to throw the reporters out. Rishabh asks Mahesh to let them do their work. Mahesh tells that the reporters are bribed by someone. Rishabh and Sameer take Mahesh away.

Preeta asks the reporter how can the media judge them and give a verdict, the law will decide it. Inspector tells that he will arrest Rishabh. Rakhi tells that there are no illegal drugs in the factory, Rishabh didn’t do anything wrong. Preeta asks Inspector to arrest Rishabh if he gets any proof against Rishabh. She tells that they aren’t doing any illegal or low grade artificial elements mixing in the drugs. Karan reaches there to threaten Rishabh and Preeta on their face. He tells them that his revenge plan has started, and now they shall see more problems coming up to trouble them.


Also read, Ajooni:

Ajooni tells Rajveer that her attempts have failed, Shikha has got married and came in their family, she has also trapped Aman Bhabhi in her plan. Rajveer pacifies her. They both are worried. He tells that they can’t do anything, they cant think of everyone all the time, Aman Bhabhi will handle the matter herself. He assures that he is with her. Shikha robs the jewellery from the locker. Aman lands in trouble when she tells the elders that she doesn’t have the locker keys. She soon realizes that the jewellery got stolen. Shikha starts troubling Aman and Ajooni, and breaks the peace in the family.


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