Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Pandyas to adopt Chiku

Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Pandyas to adopt Chiku

Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Pandyas to adopt Chiku Suman receives a big shock when Dev and Shiva take a big step for Dhara. Dev and Shiva change their legal names as Dhara’s sons. They try to please Dhara and make her happy. Suman shouts on them that they removed her name as their mother. Suman isn’t happy to know this. She isn’t surprised. She feels bad and cries. Krish consoles Suman. Krish tells that Suman is heartbroken, she might think Dhara has made them take this step. He explains that they have done wrong. Suman calms down. Krish tells them that they have to sign the agreement papers, they will pay 25 lakhs to Shweta and take Chiku from her.

Rishita tells that they will think well and take the step. She asks Raavi her opinion. Dhara and Gautam explain Suman about getting Chiku home. They don’t trust Shweta, but they are ready to do anything to get Chiku home. Suman asks everyone about their decisions. They agree to sign the agreement papers and get Chiku from Shweta. Gautam hugs Krish and thanks him. The family congratulates Dhara on getting legal rights of Chiku. Jankana wishes Shweta reforms and goes back to Pandya family, who are the only people tolerant of her. Shweta decides to take money from them. She has an evil plan on her mind. She tells that she will soon bring Pandyas on the roads and ruin them completely. What will Shweta do against Dhara, Gautam and Pandyas? Will she ever change and become a part of Pandya family again, as her mother expects to happen? Keep reading.


Reviewed Rating for Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Pandyas to adopt Chiku: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section.


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