Udaariyaan 15th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in tears

Udaariyaan 15th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in tears

Udaariyaan 15th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in tears Nehmat is heartbroken recalling Ekam’s words and completes the marriage rituals with Advait. Nehmat and Advait, as well as Naaz and Nikhil, marry.Jasmin gets conscious and recalls the big blunder that happened because of Nehmat. She tells that Nehmat is the other Tejo. The reporters give all the limelight to Advait and Nehmat. Naaz asks Nikhil to ask the reporters to take their interview as well. Nikhil doesn’t care if he doesn’t get any attention. Advait acts happy with the marriage just to show the media. Nehmat gets unhappy clicking pictures with Advait. Shelly hugs Naaz and shed tears. She gives the diamond necklace to Naaz.

Naaz remembers Jasmin’s gift. She asks Shelly did she buy it for her. Shelly lies. Rupy can see Nehmat’s pain clearly. He tells her that his house will always be open for her. When she feels she can’t keep the unwanted relationship going any longer, he invites her to come home.He hugs Nehmat and cries. Shamsher asks him not to worry so much, Nehmat and Naaz will get many responsibilities in their Sasural, they will visit the Maayka only on festivals. He informs us that Nehmat is Advait’s wife; people will be watching Nehmat’s activities; Rupy should better explain Nehmat in order to maintain her Sasural’s respect.


After a painful bidaai scene, Nehmat and Naaz leave for their Sasural with their grooms. Their family sheds tears in sorrow, especially because of Nehmat’s big sacrifice for Naaz. Nehmat remembers Ekam’s bitter words. Ekam lies on the road and cries. Nehmat passes by in the car. She doesn’t see him. Nehmat and Naaz reach the Kapoor mansion. Advait asks her to bring a smile on her face. Naaz is stopped at the door, when Nehmat is asked to come inside the house first. Nehmat and Advait aren’t happy with the attention they are getting. Rama welcomes both her Bahus. Naaz gets angry when Nehmat gets all the attention.

Advait asks Nehmat to learn to match steps, because he will not leave for her. Mallika is heartbroken thinking of Advait. Renuka gets worried for Mallika when she finds the latter in a shattered state. Mallika loses faith in Nehmat. Renuka asks her about Ekam. They look for Ekam. They don’t find Ekam in the house. They worry for Ekam’s safety. Advait and Nehmat sit for the post marriage ceremonies in the house. Shamsher and Rama ask Advait and Nehmat to look happy in front of the media. Renuka and Mallika find Ekam lying on the road. They rush to his aid. Renuka tells Ekam that Nehmat doesn’t value him, so she left him, she married Advait, because she was in a hurry, she didn’t love Ekam ever, she wasn’t good for Ekam and their family. Ekam cries for Nehmat. Renuka curses Nehmat who ruined her children’s lives. Advait tells Nehmat that he will always control her and their relationship.

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