Udaariyaan 16th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in turmoil

Udaariyaan 16th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in turmoil

Udaariyaan 16th December 2022 Written Update Nehmat in turmoil Advait warns Nehmat that he will be the dominating partner in their marriage. He wins the ring and also a name of a leader in the relation. Advait wipes Nehmat’s tear and tells that he is acting to show the world. He asks her to smile for the pictures. He leaves from there. Naaz and Nikhil play the same game happily. Nehmat is glad to see Naaz’s smiling face. Naaz finds the ring. Jasmin hurts Shelly in anger. She tells that her plan has failed. Shelly tells that she was just saving Jasmin. She blames Nehmat. Jasmin tells that Nehmat is clever, she uses her mind always, unlike Shelly. She is angry that Naaz lost to Nehmat. She wants revenge on Nehmat.

She tells that she will ruin Nehmat. She asks Shelly not to disappoint her by breaking her trust. She gives her a last chance to prove her loyalty. She asks Shelly about Nehmat’s bags reaching the Kapoor house. Shelly tells that Nehmat didn’t go for marriage, so her bags weren’t packed. Jasmin plots against Nehmat. Shamsher asks Naaz and Nehmat to match steps with their husbands, and be good bahus for the family. Naaz feels she isn’t getting much importance. Rama tells that she doesn’t know why Mallika didn’t come back in the mandap. She doesn’t know why Shamsher chose Nehmat for Advait, who isn’t happy with this marriage.


She vents her frustration on Nehmat. She gives the house keys to Nehmat unwilling and expects her to keep the responsibilities. She takes back the keys. She wants Advait to find happiness in Nehmat when the latter gets deserving of his love. Rama treats Naaz with love. She is relieved that Nikhil is very happy with Naaz. Naaz worries for Nehmat. Rama asks her to forget her sister, and keep a wife’s duty first. Nehmat troubles Nehmat and asks her what did Ekam tell her that she agreed for the marriage. Nehmat gets reminded about Ekam’s hatred. Advait watches Neeru torturing Nehmat.

Neeru laughs on Nehmat and mocks her in an insulting way. Prince apologizes to Nehmat on Neeru’s behalf. He blesses her. Nehmat finds a support in the house. Naaz’s dream comes true when she meets Nikhil and gets a wonderful surprise. Nehmat isn’t happy. She enters Advait’s room. She faces Advait’s hatred. He tells that he will not give her any gift. Nikhil tells Naaz that their life won’t have anything lacking. He gifts her a diamond necklace. Nehmat tells Advait that she will be loyal to him, and dutiful. Advait tells that he won’t care by her sweet talks. Nehmat and Advait’s tension increases because of Jasmin’s plan. Shelly keeps Ekam’s pictures in Nehmat’s bag. Advait gets to see the pictures and gets angry. Jasmin wishes it happens as she has planned.

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