Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update Trouble for Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update Trouble for Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update Trouble for Rhea Doctor speaks to Rhea. He claims she isn’t pregnant and is only pretending to be; she is defrauding the entire family. Rhea is tensed. The doctor tells her family that they must know the truth, and he will tell them the truth. He suggests that she can tell them the entire story behind her lie. Aaliya overhears Dida and Sid talking. Aaliya gets angry when Sid refuses the marriage. Dida tells Sid that she will not let the marriage happen. Sid blurts out that even he isn’t willing to marry Prachi. Aaliya thinks of controlling Sid once again by using Mihika. What will Ranbir think of Rhea’s phoney pregnancy? Will Rhea threaten the doctor and get things under her control again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya tells that she can also come. Prachi tells that it would be better if Ranbir comes. Aaliya asks why is she interested in this. Sahana tells that Prachi can’t stay happy without Aaliya’s blessings.


Vikram asks the family to leave for home. The family returns home. Ranbir and Prachi have a moment. Ranbir asks Aryan to get a ladder. Prachi sits back in the mandap with Sid. Ranbir climbs the ladder. Aryan denies of doing anything. Prachi asks Sahana to ask the family to send Rhea for the DNA test. Rhea finds Ranbir falling from the ladder. Before she could help him, Ranbir falls down. Prachi runs to see if Ranbir is okay. She asks Ranbir why he can’t take care of himself. She informs him that she will not always be present to look after him.


Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update Trouble for Rhea:

Prachi angrily scolds Ranbir and asks him to change his habit from now. She adds that she won’t be there always. She feels emotional. She tells that she will just do some touchup and come. She goes away from there. Aaliya tells that Prachi’s makeup really spoiled. Prachi feels short of breath, fearing that she will get away from Ranbir forever. She remembers Ranbir’s harsh decision taken for her future, that ruined their babies’ problems also. She sheds tears. Prachi questions God asking why did he make her love Ranbir so much, when they can never unite. She feels her life has become a joke. She asks why did she get such dreams when they weren’t mean to get fulfilled, why did she get this life when she isn’t ought to get any happiness. Sahana overhears Prachi.

Prachi tells that God has done too wrong with her. Sahana consoles a sobbing Prachi with a hug. Prachi believes that something has happened to her; she has lost everything, including Ranbir. She doesn’t trust God, who doesn’t want Ranbir and her to unite. She fears that the marriage will happen, and they can’t do anything to stop it. Sahana tells that the marriage won’t happen. She asks Prachi to not worry, Rhea will not go for a DNA test. Prachi tells that Pragya used to teach her to think of others. She adds that she didn’t tell Rhea’s truth to anyone.

Dida overhears them and asks what truth are they talking about. Sahana lies and says that Prachi doesn’t want to go to London on her honeymoon. Dida says that Prachi wants to tell them that she wants to marry Ranbir. Prachi tells that if Ranbir supports her, then she will tell the world that she won’t marry Sid. Dida asks why would Ranbir say this when the family wants her to marry Sid. She takes Prachi back to the mandap. Prachi’s words echo in Ranbir’s ears. Rhea has no idea what she would do. Aaliya asks her not to show her tension on her face.

Ranbir and Prachi come face to face. Sid asks Ranbir to stay back and attend his marriage, because this is more important that Rhea’s DNA test. He tells that Ranbir will get an excuse that he was busy in the marriage and couldn’t get the DNA test done, because Ranbir has no control on anyone. Ranbir angrily asks Rhea to go for the DNA test. Sid wants Ranbir to take Rhea along with him. Ranbir asks Rhea to get the DNA test done as soon as possible. Rhea inquires if he is acting on Prachi’s advice. Sid laughs at him. Ranbir calls it enough. He tells the family that he will take Rhea for the DNA test. Rhea asks them to not let the marriage stop at any cost.

Aryan goes away to wash off the juice stains from his clothes. Pandit asks the groom and bride to cover their faces. Aaliya ties the sehra to Sid, and puts the ghunghat over Prachi’s face. Aryan gets to meet Mili in his room. She says that she wanted to use his restroom. She compliments him. He tries to avoid her. She tells that he proposed to her one year ago, she is giving an answer today, and it’s a yes. He says that he was drunk that night. Sahana comes and learns that Mili accepted Sid’s proposal. He tells Mili that he didn’t mean the proposal, Mili has a misunderstanding. Sahana asks Aryan not to clarify it to her. She walks out, making an excuse.

Ranbir gets Rhea to the hospital for the test. He wonders why is he feeling so much for Prachi. He learns that the test is done. He waits to meet the doctor. Doctor speaks to Rhea. He tells that he attends many cases and comes across people like her, she is hiding the truth, she isn’t pregnant, but she is lying of pregnancy and cheating the entire family. He tells that he will tell the truth to her family, and then she can explain them. He asks her why is she cheating her family who are so good. Rhea asks him to save his time and not cheat him. She asks him how much money will he take to keep his mouth shut.

He tells that the report will talk and tell the truth to her family. He asks her to leave. He tells Ranbir that the test is done and Rhea can go home. Ranbir thanks him. Prachi asks Sahana about Rhea. Pallavi stops Sahana from going to Prachi and disturbing her. Aryan waits for Ranbir. Aaliya is worried that Rhea is getting married there. Vikram feels bad that Prachi and Sid aren’t happy. Prachi wishes the marriage stops some way, because she is just of Ranbir. Dida coughs and complains of chest pain. Vikram worries for Dida. Prachi and Sid leave the mandap again and rush to Dida.

Aaliya asks them to sit back in their place. Vikram tells that they shall take Dida to the room. Sid goes with Dida. Pandit tells that groom and bride shouldn’t leave the mandap so soon. Prachi fears about Dida’s life. She asks them to call some doctor for Dida’s emergency. Pallavi asks them not to panic. Dida reveals the truth to Sid, after Vikram runs to call the doctor. She slaps Sid, and tells that she has done this drama to stop his marriage. Aaliya hears this truth. Dida blames Sid for the entire mess. She tells that she will stop the marriage somehow. Sid tells that even he doesn’t want to marry. Dida asks him what does he mean by that.

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