Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2022 Written Update Preeran moment

Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2022 Written Update Preeran moment

Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2022 Written Update Preeran moment Rishabh, Sameer, Anjali and Dadi watch the breaking news of the flight hijack. They are extremely shocked when they realize that Preeta, Arjun and Luthras are on that flight. Preeta questions Arjun about his motive. She asks him why did he change his disguise and board the flight. Karan asks her if she doesn’t know it, he has come for her sake. She is stunned by his reply. He wants her to see Karan in him for once through the eyes of her heart. Dadi tells Rishabh that she isn’t happy with the news, because Arjun is also on the same flight. What will Rishabh do to save Preeta? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan loses his cool. He shouts on the goon. Rakhi angrily slaps the goon. The goon replies and goes to stab Rakhi. Karan bashes the goon, while protecting Rakhi. Karan’s fake moustache gets pulled by the goon. The Luthras are shocked to see Arjun. Karan takes control. He soon gets beaten up by the goons. Luthras melt their hearts for Arjun, seeing him getting bashed.


Preeta asks the goons to stop beating Arjun. The goon asks Preeta to explain her husband to not act like a lover. Preeta gets reminded of Karan. The hijacking news spreads. The police takes action. Preeta tells the goons that Arjun isn’t her husband. She asks them not to take Arjun’s life. The goons call Kavya as Preeta and Arjun’s daughter. They ask Preeta not to lie. Rakhi also tells the truth that Arjun isn’t Preeta’s husband. Preeta cares for Arjun’s wounds.

Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2022 Written Update Preeran moment:

Rakhi asks the air hostess to get first aid box for treating Arjun’s wound. Karan gets emotional seeing his family caring for him. Rakhi tells that Preeta is a doctor, she will do the aid to Arjun. The hijacker threatens Preeta. Shrishti, Kareena and Rakhi feel bad for Arjun. Kareena tells that Arjun is their enemy, they shouldn’t support him. Shrishti tells that they felt the same friendly vibes again. Kareena reminds that they are leaving the country because of Arjun, he is the reason that they are stuck in this situation. Rakhi tells that he isn’t much bad. Luthras argue with the terrorists.

The media gives the breaking news of the hijacked flight. Police rushes to take action. Bani and Kritika get bored at home. They play the news. They are stunned after hearing about the hijacking. They worry for the family members. Bani asks Kritika to call Rishabh quickly and confirm the flight details. Rishabh tells Anjali that he doesn’t want to prove anything to her, its about Kavya, that’s why he is here, he will not tolerate it when its personal. Kritika calls Rishabh. He answers the call. She asks him if he saw the news, the flight got hijacked. Rishabh can’t believe it.

Kritika tells that she just saw the news. Anjali plays the news on TV. They also see the hijack news and panic. Rishabh tells Kritika that he will send a doctor for Bani. Dadi tells Rishabh that Arjun is on the same flight. She is confident that Arjun will protect Kavya, Preeta and Luthras from the hijackers, despite their enmity, Arjun always helps them. Anjali prays for Arjun’s safety. Preeta stares at Karan angrily. Karan asks her the reason. She does the aid to his wound.

Karan recalls their old moments. She asks him not to stare at her. He asks her why she sees him. He questions her whether she sees Karan in him. She asks him not to talk about Karan. She doesn’t want to talk to him about Karan. She asks why did he come in disguise. He asks her if she doesn’t know it, he has come for her. He tells that he has come for Kavya’s sake, he has a special bond with Kavya. He adds that he is really serious about marrying her, he really meant the proposal.

Preeta remembers his madness. She tells that he will never change. She refuses to do the aid. He reminds her the oath to treat the patient well. He tells that he became her hero and got hurt while saving her, he isn’t such a bad man. She continues the aid. He doesn’t know what happens to him when he sees her, his anger ends, and he feels stress-free. Dadi is worried for Arjun. She prays for Arjun. Shrishti tells Preeta that she made Kavya sleep, she is safe. Rakhi asks about Arjun. Preeta says that Arjun is bad. Karan comes back to get seated.

The people on the flight praise Karan’s dashing looks, and start commenting on him. Rakhi feels the same love for Arjun. She tells that she will apply the kajal to him to protect him from the bad sight. Kareena tells that everybody thinks Arjun is Preeta’s husband. Rakhi asks her to let anyone say anything. She tells that Arjun is like her son, so she wants to protect him. Karan gets pleased. Preeta inquires about Rakhi’s activities; this is unnecessary.Karan asks her to see Rakhi’s love and intention. Preeta tells that he isn’t deserving of this love. The hijacker threatens them and asks them to get seated. Shrishti gets reminded of Karan seeing Preeta and Arjun argue.

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