Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Ranbir exposes

Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Ranbir exposes

Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Ranbir exposes Aaliya and Rhea ask Pallavi and Vikram to proceed with Sid and Prachi’s marriage rituals. Ranbir barges into the house and stops Sid and Prachi’s marriage in time. He faces Aaliya and tells that she is thinking right, he got to know everything about her deeds, her planning and plotting, her evil conspiracy of kidnapping and torturing. He reprimands her for forcing Prachi to marry Sid. He tells the family that Sid and Prachi are forced to marry because of Aaliya and Rhea, Sid didn’t wish to marry Prachi, but they kidnapped Mihika conveniently to turn Sid helpless. He exposes Aaliya and Rhea’s plans in front of Pallavi and Vikram. Sid and Prachi are relieved that Ranbir has finally saved them from the unwanted marriage and also freed Mihika. What will Aaliya and Rhea present in defense? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, The family is stunned to see Prachi. Sid and Aryan get relieved. Rhea fails in proving it. Prachi asks Rhea why she’s so quiet now. Rhea asks Prachi when did she come back. Prachi lies that she was sitting in front of everyone. Prachi and Sahana recall the way they swapped places. She asks Rhea what she got out of planning this drama. Rhea says that she has seen the bride’s hand, that was Sahana in Prachi’s place. Prachi asks her to stop fooling her. She lectures Rhea. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit back and complete the marriage rituals. Prachi asks Sid to find out about Mihika. Sid calls Ranbir. Ranbir arrives home. Ranbir tells Sid that Mihika is safe, the culprits  won’t get saved now. Sid wants to rush outside and meet Ranbir, but thinks that nobody should know it.


Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Ranbir exposes:

Sid stops Ranbir. Ranbir tells that Mihika is safe, she is in the hospital, everything will be fine now. Ranbir asks Sid not to stress, Mihika is safe. Prachi overhears this. She asks Sid does Ranbir know about Mihika. Ranbir tells that Prachi has no right to ask or say anything to him. Sid gets Aryan’s message. He tells that Aryan is calling him. He asks them to listen. He rushes back to the mandap. Ranbir asks Prachi to say sorry. Prachi tells that its his mistake. He tells her that it was her fault. She tells that he didn’t trust her, he should have understood her and stopped her from marrying, she has no option, she was helpless to make her baby away from the father. He tells that she should have told him at least, or given a hint.

She tells that he didn’t trust her. He tells that she made a big mistake by hiding this. She tells that he made a big mistake by not trusting her. She asks how did he think that she can marry Sid, when she has regarded Sid as her brother. He asks her if a sibling does such an act. She claims that a sister is always there for her brother. She adds that she can never give his place to anyone else, he should trust her. Sid reaches them and shows the video. He tells that the goons have reached Mihika again. Ranbir calls it enough. He rushes to Rhea and Aaliya.

He asks them when their bloody game will end. He asks Pallavi to question them. Aaliya understands that Sid told everything to Ranbir. Ranbir tells that she is thinking right, he knows everything about her planning and plotting, her kidnapping and evil acts. He asks Prachi not to be quiet today and tell everything to the family. He wants Prachi to just speak the truth. Sahana comes in front of them. She asks Prachi to tell them the truth, Ranbir is with her now.

Rhea asks Sahana to shut up. Sahana tells that she won’t keep quiet. She asks Prachi to just say it. Ranbir tells Prachi that Aaliya and Rhea will blame her if she stays quiet. He takes the phone from Aaliya. He tells that he is sorry, but her fate isn’t with her now. Sid takes Rhea’s phone and breaks it. He tells that she won’t play any game now. Vikram asks what’s going on. Ranbir claims that Prachi is stunned and unable to speak. He proceeds to tell the story. He tells that Aaliya and Rhea had a major problem with Prachi and his marriage, so they both plotted Prachi and Sid’s marriage by kidnapping Mihika and threatening Sid.

He tells that they forced Sid to call Prachi’s baby as his baby, they compelled him to marry Prachi. He adds that Sid and Prachi sacrificed their happiness and also their relationships just to save Mihika. He tells that Aaliya and Rhea are talented manipulators and also actors. Rhea cries asking Ranbir to stop lying. Ranbir asks them to not believe Rhea. Rhea says that she can never do this. Ranbir tells that she is the worst, she would have got Mihika killed. He tells Pallavi that he was short-tempered and naughty, but he never lied. He wants the family to believe him. He tells that he isn’t lying.

Rhea tells that its her turn to prove her point. She gets a fruit knife. She tells that he has lied about Aaliya and her. She defends herself. She swears she’ll cut her wrist if he continues to lie about her. The family grows worried for Rhea. Ranbir asks Rhea to cut her wrist and show it to them. Rhea claims to despise lies. He tells that he hates her, Prachi isn’t characterless and cheap, actually, Rhea is such a disgusting person. Rhea cuts her wrist and faints. The family receives a shock.

Prachi goes to Rhea. Rhea tells that she could have clarified herself, but she felt its better to end her life, because Prachi will be responsible for it. Aaliya tells that she will get Ranbir arrested. Rhea tells Prachi that she will never let her come close to Ranbir. Rhea dies in Prachi’s arms. Prachi screams and breaks from her thought. She asks Ranbir not to go inside and confront Aaliya and Rhea. She asks him to go to hospital and save Mihika. She tells them that once they have Rhea’s DNA reports, they will expose Aaliya and Rhea. Sid agrees with her.

Ranbir tells that he will go and get the reports. He asks Sid to promise him that he won’t let the marriage happen. Sid promises him. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will soon come back and get his answers from Prachi. Prachi asks Sid to go upstairs. Ranbir calls Sid and asks him not to go to the mandap. He tells that he is coming back home. Sid goes out to meet Ranbir. Ranbir messages the details of Mihika’s ward to Sid. He tells Sid that he will go to the mandap and marry Prachi. He asks Sid to do a brother’s duty for Mihika. Sid drives off. Ranbir wonders from where he would get the groom’s clothes.

He goes to look for the spare attire. He wants the marriage to happen. He thinks it’s the great chance to marry Prachi. Aaliya tells Rhea that Mihika is in the hospital. She doesn’t know who has saved Mihika. She tells that they got to know it before Sid played the game. Ranbir reaches there as the groom. Rhea threatens him, thinking he is Sid. She gives him a last warning. Ranbir gets angered, but controls himself. He just wants to marry Prachi. He doesn’t think anything will go wrong, because he will get married to Prachi. Sahana is the bride again. She wishes that she doesn’t get married to Sid.

Ranbir holds Sahana’s hand and realizes that its not Prachi’s hand. He sees Sahana as the bride. He inquires as to her purpose for being here. She sees him and tells that she is relieved to see him instead Sid. He asks her to go away and get Prachi. She tells that she has no problem if she marries him. He tells that he has a problem, he just wants to marry Prachi. She claims Prachi insisted on her sitting in the mandap. Sahana had agreed to give this sacrifice for her sister’s sake. Ranbir asks Sahana to go and send Prachi, without telling her that he is in the mandap.

Pallavi asks them to stop murmuring and listen to the mantras. Sahana makes an excuse and goes from the mandap. The goons are still around Mihika. They talk about Aaliya’s plan. Sid reaches the hospital and looks for Mihika. He finally finds Mihika. He inquires as to how she is currently feeling. He apologizes to her. He tells that she has tolerated a lot for Prachi and his sake. She asks him to take her home. He asks her not to worry. He takes her with him. Vikram asks pandit to just rush with the marriage. Sahana brings Prachi there. Rhea asks Prachi to walk quickly. Prachi wishes Ranbir would return in time. She plans to do something to waste time.

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