Anupama 30th December 2022 Update Anuj warns Leela

Anupama 30th December 2022 Update Anuj warns Leela

Anupama 30th December 2022 Update Anuj warns Leela Anuj gets upset that Anupama always gives priority to her family instead their little Anu. He tells that he didn’t like it when Anupama begged to the teacher to get permission for the performance. He tells that he is dying seeing the differences between Anupama and Anu. He can’t see them in this situation. He calls it enough because he can’t tolerate this again. He asks her to learn to handle things, else she won’t know when she loses it. He regrets whatever happened. Later, they return home and meet Leela. Leela sends Anu to the room.

Anuj asks Leela not to start it again. Leela tells that she doesn’t want to fight, but just clarify. She doesn’t know what Anupama told Anuj. She tells that its not her mistake. She doesn’t want Anuj to misunderstand her. She tells that she didn’t stop Anupama. She adds that Anupama got late because of her own actions. Anupama tells that they shall talk tomorrow.


Leela tells that Hasmukh scolded her in front of everyone, when she didn’t stop Anupama from going. She asks Anupama not to treat the school function as an Olympic race, its not a big deal. Leela angers Anuj. Anuj breaks his silence to warn Leela. He tells Leela that he won’t tolerate this if he happens again. He hopes that Leela takes his word seriously. Anu finds Anuj and Anupama fighting because of her. Leela calls up Vanraj and tells him about her helplessness in Anuj’s house. Vanraj grows worried when Leela gets complaining. Leela reveals about Anuj’s misbehavior.

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