YRKKH 30th December 2022 Upcoming Good news for Akshara

YRKKH 30th December 2022 Upcoming Good news for Akshara

YRKKH 30th December 2022 Upcoming Good news for Akshara Abhimanyu wants to go to Manjiri and help her. Mahima tells him that he isn’t able to handle himself, he can’t take care of Manjiri in such a condition. She makes him wait outside. He feels useless that he isn’t able to treat his mother, when he is a doctor. Harsh tells that Mahima will handle everything. Abhimanyu tells that he has lost Neil and his kids, he has lost a lot in the recent days, he can’t lose his mother. He addresses Harsh as his father, and hugs him. Harsh is surprised and turns happy. He consoles Abhimanyu and wishes that Manjiri recovers soon. On the other hand, Akshara speaks to the doctor who treats her at the clinic.

He tells that she shouldn’t be so careless in such a tricky situation. She tells him that she is absolutely okay, he should let her go now. He asks her to take good care of herself, else her baby won’t be able to survive. He tells that she is still pregnant. She is taken aback by the truth. She asks him what pregnancy is he talking about. She informs about the miscarriage of her twins. Doctor tells her that just one baby got aborted, the other one is fine and still getting nourished in her womb.


He explains her the current situation. He tells that one of the twins is still alive. Akshara turns overjoyed when the doctor confirms this. She thinks Abhimanyu deserves to know this truth. She is confident that Abhimanyu will get really happy. She calls Abhimanyu, who meets Manjiri at that instant. Manjiri stops Abhimanyu from taking Akshara’s call. Abhimanyu and Akshara’s separation track begins. She finally gets a hope when she leaves on her aimless journey, but fails to inform Abhimanyu about their baby. Keep reading.

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