Pandya Store 30th December 2022 Update Dhara breaks down

Pandya Store 30th December 2022 Update Dhara breaks down

Pandya Store 30th December 2022 Update Dhara breaks down Gautam and Krish try to trick Shweta. They tell her that they want to buy the store from her. She shocks them by demanding a price of one crore. She tells them that she will not let them get the store easily. She doubles their troubles. This shocking demand reaches Pandya family. They don’t want to implement Dhara’s idea. They worry that the plan will backfire and they will come on the road. Dhara shouts that she can’t see the family shattering into pieces. She is against the house division. Shiva goes to earn money by participating in the fights. He later gets into a fight with someone. He returns home wounded, making the family worry.

The family members have different opinions. Dhara finds Shiva-Raavi and Dev-Rishita staying inside their rooms, and not bonding with her. She tells that she will make this possible, she will get the Pandya store back at any cost. She asks Rishita and Raavi to listen to her for the last time, she won’t do anything wrong. She begs the entire family to support her. Rishita and Raavi don’t want to invite more troubles that risks their future. They don’t listen to Dhara.


Krish supports Dhara and takes an initiative. Gautam also stands by Dhara. Shiva and Dev get into a dilemma. Gautam and Suman feel bad for Dhara, seeing her plead so much. Dhara finally convinces the family for becoming a part of her plan. She wants to trap Shweta and get the Pandya store back. Later, Dhara sells the dosa and idli to earn one lakh rupees. She gets this idea of setting up the south Indian food stall just to support her family. The entire family supports Pandya.

Dhara can’t let Dev and Rishita leave the house. She has a big responsibility on her to keep the family united. She doesn’t want Dev and Shiva to get separated from the family. Suman asks Dhara to do something and keep the family united. Dhara can’t see Chutki sick. She tells that she will arrange the money for Chutki’s treatment. The entire family tries hard to arrange the money for Chutki’s medical expenses. Dev and Rishita feel proud of Dhara, seeing her work hard for their daughter’s sake. Krish tells that Dhara is doing everything for the family. The family joins Dhara.

Shweta passes by the Pandya house. She finds Dhara’s stall. She stops there and goes to insult Dhara. She splashes the sauce over Dhara’s clothes. Dhara gets her family beside her, who protect her from Shweta’s misbehavior. Shweta wants to sell the store soon. She isn’t able to get any good offer. She asks the buyer for a good amount to sell Pandya store. She has big dreams. She wants to sell the store and leave the city. Will Shweta sell the store? Will Shweta get tricked and sign the store legal papers? Will Dhara succeed in proving herself? Keep reading.

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