Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Preeran team up

Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Preeran team up

Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Preeran team up The snakes are starving and recovering consciousness, as Ashok reveals. When Ashok warns that the snakes will soon become more aggressive, people become even more frightened. Preeta is questioned by Rakhi on how to handle this circumstance. Upon spotting a snake in front of Rakhi, Arjun, Rakhi, and Srishti become frightened. According to Ashok, evading the snakes’ wrath would soon become even more challenging.

When one of the pilots goes to inspect the aircraft, a snake bites him. Meanwhile, a snake kills another terrorist. Later, Preeta queries Arjun as to why he has suddenly turned pale. As Arjun tries to respond to her query, they quickly notice that he has been bitten by a snake. Everyone on the plane becomes concerned when they hear this. Rishabh eventually tries to save a man. He tells a woman that he is feeling guilty about the fact that he cannot save a man who risked his life to save Kavya. As she hears this over and over, Anjali becomes upset.


Earlier in the show, Preeta stumbles seeing Arjun and falls into his arms. They feel a threat when they spot a snake around. They look for the herbal powder. They begin their funny banter. Shrishti asks them to stop arguing. They agree to work as a team. Rakhi also reaches there. She tells that she is a mother, she worries for them. Preeta tells that the snakes don’t know that she is their mother. Rakhi tells that the snakes didn’t bite anyone after hearing her song. Shrishti also joins them in the search. Karan saves Preeta from a snake. Karan devises a plan to put the snakes to sleep. Karan and Preeta find the cockpit locked. They try to get inside and see. They find the pilot lying dead and grow worried that the plane is still flying. A new task comes on Karan’s shoulders. How will he manage it? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Update Preeran team up:

Karan and Preeta together battle the snakes and win in the situation which seemed impossible. Rakhi sings to shoo away the snakes, while Shrishti tries to whistle. Karan takes the crates outside. Kareena tells that the tribal woman has guided them to spray the chemical powder over the snakes to make it sleep. Preeta asks everyone to assist in the task. They all get the chemical spray to tackle the snakes. Preeta stops Rakhi from stepping ahead. She sprays the chemical on the snake and makes it unconscious. She tells that the snake fell asleep because of the spray. Karan tells that they will spray on the snakes in the economy class.

Shrishti and few people offer help to Karan and Preeta. They spray the chemical everywhere. Preeta asks Shrishti to go to Rakhi and stay with her. The plane gets shaking. Vineet tells that the pilot is losing control. His wife tells that Vineet knows to fly the plane. They head to the pilot’s cabin to ask him. They see the senior pilot lying dead inside. Preeta asks who is flying the plane. They get inside the cockpit. They see the poisonous snakes inside. Karan asks Vineet to take control.

He asks Preeta to check if the pilot is dead. Preeta checks and confirms that both the pilots are dead. Vineet asks Preeta to sit, he needs a co-pilot. She tells that she doesn’t know anything. He tells that he will give her instructions. She is tensed. Karan encourages her to support Vineet. Vineet contacts the air traffic control and asks for permission to land the flight in an emergency situation, because the pilots are dead. Preeta asks Vineet not to get confused, and concentrate well on the controls. Karan asks Vineet to be sure, because many people are onboard.

Vineet and Preeta miraculously land the flight, after getting assistance from the ATC. The airport official releases the statement in the media that the passengers are safe. Kritika, Bani and Sameer get the news. They are relieved that the family is safe now. Sameer rushes to meet the family. Bani tells that Sameer would have gone to see his wife Shrishti, he loves her a lot. Kritika gets emotional. She misses love in her life. She doesn’t want to run after those things which aren’t in her fate. She feels lonely.

The media tells that the passengers are brave to survive after fighting the dangerous terrorists and the poisonous snakes. Kareena and a co-passenger get into a fight. She looks for Rakhi. Sameer is happy to see Shrishti. He learns that Shrishti has taken care of a kid. Shrishti meets Sameer. She tells him that she won’t leave him so easily, she is always with him. Karan turns dizzy. Kavya and Preeta worry for him. Anjali reaches there for Arjun. Shrishti asks Sameer to help Arjun, he has helped them a lot. The family rushes Arjun to the hospital. Shrishti tells Sameer whatever happened onboard.

She adds that Arjun is a hero for them, Preeta and Arjun had teamed up and saved the people. Anjali asks Arjun to keep his eyes open. Preeta also accompanies Karan. Anjali asks Preeta to leave. Preeta wants to stay there until Arjun gets okay. Anjali tells that she is there to look after Arjun. Preeta also gets dizzy. Anjali accuses Preeta. Shrishti asks Anjali to keep manners. Preeta tells that she won’t leave Arjun in this condition, she also has a relation with Arjun else nobody does that for strangers, he risked his life to save Kavya. She feels some connection with Arjun. Shrishti wonders what did Preeta say. Kavya tells Sameer that she also wants to meet Arjun.

Anjali doesn’t like that Luthras are getting close to Arjun. She feels Preeta is coming back in Arjun’s life. She tells Dadi that she isn’t liking this. Preeta remembers her words. She cautions Shrishti not to misinterpret the meaning. Shrishti tells that she is sure of one thing. She doesn’t want to share her feelings. Preeta inquires as to what she means. Shrishti asks her to promise that she will not reprimand her. She claims that Preeta may have instructed it to respond to Anjali, but she is certain that Preeta and Arjun are related. Preeta recalls her moments with Arjun.

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