Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update New twist

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update New twist

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update New twist Anjali snaps at Preeta when she questions the doctor about Arjun’s condition. She confesses that Arjun prefers to see Preeta over her. Preeta enters the room to see Arjun without reacting. Arjun queries Preeta in his semi-conscious state as to why she is crying since she wanted him to die. Preeta becomes irritated and makes an attempt to escape. Arjun restrains her by holding her hand. He apologises to her and assures her that he will also apologise to Rishabh and the rest of the family. He claims that he regrets having caused so much pain to everyone. When Preeta gets upset, he again passes out.

While checking on Arjun, the doctor notices Preeta fainting as well. Preeta is hurried to another room by a nurse. The physician informs Anjali that Arjun lied when he said he was feeling better and that he need treatment. Rakhi and Kareena are consoled by Snigdha’s grandmother. While searching for Preeta, Rakhi hears Arjun’s voice and visits his room. When he comes to, he begs her to stay with him. She then asks God to bring Arjun’s mother back to him. She goes to pick a flower to give to him in his room as a sign from God. Preeta is cautioned by Anjali to keep away from Arjun, and she later becomes even angrier when she is unable to prevent Rakhi from visiting Preeta.


Rakhi gets a proof that Arjun is Karan. She rushes home and calls the entire family. Rakhi explains to them how Arjun said the exact same thing Karan did. She joyfully expresses her emotions. It might just be a coincidence, says Bani. Rakhi informs them that she has observed Arjun’s birthmark on his hand. She displays the image to them. How is it possible that Arjun has the same birthmark as you, she queries. Kareena explains that while there is a chance that Arjun’s birthmark could potentially be there, this does not indicate that Karan is Arjun. Rakhi claims to be telling the truth. She shouts and begs them to take her word for it. Rakhi is urged by Mahesh not to act in such a way. Rakhi yells, “I’m telling the truth!”

Kundali Bhagya 11th January 2023 Written Update New twist:

Preeta asks Rakhi not to say such things. Rakhi reminds her relation with Karan. She tells that Preeta and Karan used to fight always before they fell in love, and now Preeta and Arjun also fight in a similar fashion. She asks Preeta did she not feel ever that Arjun is Karan. Preeta is pushed to think and feel that Arjun is Karan. Rakhi asks Preeta to say it, if she never felt Karan in Arjun. She suddenly feels her son’s arrival. She smiles happily and tells the family that her son Karan has come.

The family doesn’t see Karan coming. Bani wants to believe Rakhi’s feelings for Karan. She looks at the door to see whether Rakhi is right. They see Arjun at the door. Rakhi happily smiles seeing her son Karan in Arjun. She grows happy with his arrival. His sudden arrival makes Rakhi overjoyed and the family emotional. He tells them that Rakhi and his bag got exchanged, so he has come to give it to them. He finds them upset and asks them is Kavya fine. Sameer tells that Kavya is sleeping. Mahesh asks Arjun about his parents. Arjun tells some fake random names, Ajay and Anjana. Rakhi doesn’t believe his words.

She tells that Arjun has called her mom. Mahesh asks Sameer to take the bag from Arjun. He thanks Arjun for the bag. He feels sorry that he can’t ask Arjun to stay back, because it was a tiring day for all of them. He asks Arjun to leave. Karan agrees to leave. Rakhi stops Karan and hugs him. Mahesh stops Rakhi. Karan asks Rakhi is she okay. Mahesh tells that everything is okay. He asks them why are they behaving strange. He assures that he will solve their problem if they share it.

Mahesh tells that everything is okay. He asks him to just go. Rakhi doesn’t want Karan to go. She stops him again. She blesses Karan to get a long life. She wishes that his every wish gets fulfilled, he never gets away from his family and mother, he always lives with his mother. Mahesh shuts the door on Arjun’s face. Karan makes a leave. Rakhi shouts that Arjun is her son Karan. She asks them to believe her. Mahesh asks her not to get any misunderstanding.

Rakhi tells that she is Karan’s mom, she has identified him. Mahesh tells that Arjun isn’t Karan, else he would have told them that he is their Karan. She tells that she has identified Karan, they don’t believe her and she is okay with it. The family cries seeing Rakhi in pain. Preeta realizes that Arjun didn’t get his bag. She takes Arjun’s bag and runs outside to stop him. He runs after his car to return the bag. Karan cares for Preeta and asks her not to run, she might fall down. Preeta gets touched by his gesture and tries to see Karan in him, after Rakhi’s claim. He thanks her for returning his bag.

He tells that he knows it, something has happened. She tells that nothing happened to her heart. He tells that something has happened in the house. He asks her to say what happened. She doesn’t tell him. She turns to go. He steps on her dupatta by mistake while rushing to stop her. Her dupatta gets torn. Rakhi is upset that Mahesh didn’t support him, when she reminded him Arjun’s good deeds and his resemblance with Karan. She wanted Mahesh’s support and faith. She tells that he is her husband but he isn’t with her. She regrets that he didn’t stand by her.

Preeta worries for her torn dupatta. Karan reacts the same way as he reacted in the past when Preeta’s dupatta got torn by him. He apologizes to her. Preeta also remembers the same moment and gets tears in her eyes. He feels bad seeing her cry. She remembers Karan. She runs away from there. Karan makes a leave. Preeta battles with her feelings for Arjun. Karan wants Preeta to know that he is her Karan. He wishes that he could tell her the truth.

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