Pandya Store 17th January 2023 Written Update New leap

Pandya Store 17th January 2023 Written Update New leap

Pandya Store 17th January 2023 Written Update New leap After a leap of seven years, Dhara and Chiku are seen preparing for Uttarayan. She wants her family to come back home. Dhara and Chiku wish each other and hug. She asks him not to eat the sweets before they keep it in the temple. Chiku saves her from falling down. He tells that he has saved her and also the sweets held by her. She tells that she has no worry when he is with her. He asks her if she has made sweets for everyone. She tells that she has made different sweets as per their choices. Chiku wants to meet the family. She asks him to call Suman. He asks her to call everyone home.

Other side, Gautam is seen handling the Pandya store. He is seen drunk. He finds it hard to deal with the sorrow of losing his brothers. An emotional Gautam sheds tears in their memory. Dhara summons him home. He doesn’t feel like going home. He also regards her responsible for his brothers’ leaving. He waits for his brothers to come and shoulder him again. Chiku gets hurt. Dhara cares for him. Suman vents out anger on them. Suman plays videos games with the locality kids. She is furious that Dhara and Chiku are the reason for the family falling apart. Suman hates Chiku. She calls Dhara a sinner.


She asks Dhara to take away Chiku from her sight. Dhara tolerates her taunts. Chiku bears Suman’s hatred with a smile. Suman tells that she isn’t Chiku’s Dadi, she is just Chutki’s Dadi. She regrets losing Chutki. Dhara pacifies Chiku. She breaks down into tears. Chiku pacifies her back. He can’t see her in tears. He tells that he will bring back the family members and unite them. He doesn’t feel bad of Suman’s bitter words. He asks Dhara not to cry. She regrets that her house is lonely on the festive eve. He calls the best mom. She tells that she isn’t the best mom, because she has lost her three sons because of her mistakes.

She reveals that Shweta has shattered her family by snatching Chutki from them. She feels she has failed in keeping the Pandya family together. Dhara remembers the past, when she got the bad news of Shiva’s critical condition. She gets blamed for Shiva’s injury and Chutki’s disappearance. Gautam brings the bad news home that Shweta left the city, Shweta has taken Chutki away. Rishita can’t tolerate the shock of losing Chutki. She leaves the Pandya house. Dhara tries hard to stop Rishita. Dev and Rishita part ways with the family. Raavi too holds Dhara responsible for Shiva’s critical condition.

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