Pandya Store Spoiler 18th January 2023 Suman’s accident

Pandya Store Spoiler 18th January 2023 Suman's accident

Pandya Store Spoiler 18th January 2023 Suman’s accident Rishita and Dev decide to leave the house. Dhara tries hard to stop them from leaving. Dev tells that they will not stay in the house, where their daughter isn’t with them. Dhara asks Raavi to explain Rishita and stop her from leaving. Raavi tells that Rishita is doing the right thing, the house is cursed, nobody can stay happy in the house until Dhara is there. She tells that Rishita should have decided this before, she got late in deciding and the result is Chutki’s loss. She accuses Dhara for wronging their lives and ruining their happiness. Gautam asks Rishita not to go. Rishita asks him not to do any emotional blackmail.

She tells that everything has happened because of Dhara’s madness for Chiku, Dhara has brought Shweta and Chiku home, and today Shweta has run away with Chutki. She asks Gautam not to defend his wife. She doesn’t listen to Dhara. Rishita and Raavi decide to not stay back in the house. They don’t want to forgive Dhara this time. They are heartbroken that Dhara always forces her wrong decisions on them and makes them suffer. After the seven year leap, Dhara faces Suman’s hatred because of Chiku.


Dhara and Gautam raise Chiku, but even Gautam doesn’t have any affection for him. Gautam and Suman hold the same bitterness for Chiku, who is the reason for the shattering of Pandya family. Chiku makes sure that Gautam and Dhara come together to celebrate Uttarayan. He asks them to fly the picture kites which he made. Gautam grows emotional and gets a smile on his face on seeing the pictures of his family. Dhara loses the kite. Chiku runs to get the kite. He brings it home and asks Dhara to inform Gautam, that he didn’t lose any of their family picture kites.

Dhara is happy that Chiku is so compassionate. During the celebration chaos, Suman meets with an unfortunate accident. Suman calls Dhara for assistance. In Dhara’s absence, Suman tries to reach her wheelchair. She falls down and gets hurt. Dhara rushes to help Suman and is shocked to find her hurt. Dhara then devises a plan to summon the family members home by informing them of Suman’s accidental fall. Will Dhara and Chiku succeed in weaving the relations of love again? Keep reading.


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