Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Update Ekam Harleen paired

Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Update Ekam Harleen paired

Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Update Ekam Harleen paired Harleen happens to meet Ekam and clears that she isn’t following him, she had her own plans to come. She asks him to introduce her to his friend. Ekam tells that he wants to chill with his friend and discuss few important things. He asks her to chill with her own friends. Satvik asks her to join them if she is alone. Ekam asks why is he inviting her. Harleen tells that she will join them if he is insisting. She tells that they shall dance and enjoy. Satvik asks Ekam to come. Harleen dances with Ekam deliberately. Ekam gets reminded of his love, Nehmat. He weeps.

Nehmat feels her relation with Ekam doesn’t have any name, he is really precious for her. She tells that she had worked hard to keep the marriage, but she can’t tolerate Advait’s cheat. She can’t take it anymore. She wants to find some way out of all her problems. She finds Ekam arriving as an answer to her prayer. Ekam wants to meet her. She fears that Ekam can tell Advait’s truth to her family. She doesn’t think her family can tolerate this bitter news. She doesn’t want them to break down. Harleen gets a chance to take the tiffin for Ekam at his workplace. Satvik tells Renuka that he will talk to Ekam and explain him.


Harleen gets Satvik’s help. Ekam meets the family. He spends good time with them. They share a laugh. Nehmat stays tensed. Ekam realizes that Nehmat didn’t tell them anything. He sees Nehmat hiding from him. He tells that he will leave for his duty. Rupy asks him to meet Nehmat. Ekam tells that he is in a hurry. He doesn’t want to meet her against her wish. He knows she will never upset her family. She is thankful that he didn’t tell them anything. Rupy praises Ekam’s good character. Satti tells that Ekam is keeping Nehmat’s respect.

Ekam wonders what will Nehmat do now. He wishes he could talk to her once. Nehmat cries seeing him but hides from his sight. She knows he still loves her. She wonders how long will he love her. She wishes that he moves on. She wants to apologize to him for hurting his heart. Harleen makes Satvik fall by dropping some marbles. She tells that she will take him to the doctor. He asks her to take the tiffin to Ekam. He tells that he is fine. He gives her expert advice about winning Ekam’s heart. Rupy finds Nehmat rushing outside the house. He asks her where is she going. She tells that she is going to the market to buy bangles.

She feels sorry to lie. She thinks of meeting Ekam before he goes to the police station. Harleen reaches the police station. She finds the staff scared of Ekam. She tells that she wants to file a report against Ekam. Ekam hears the staff getting noisy. He finds Harleen there. She tells that she got the tiffin for him. She sits with him to have lunch. He thinks she is mad to stick around all the time. She feeds him by her hands. He asks her to have food. He gets irritated by her. Later, Shamsher reprimands Advait for not having any shame. He asks him if he has no plan to get Nehmat back. He feels Advait is such a big fool.

He lectures Advait. He tells that he has given a warning to Veronica. He threatens of throwing Advait out of Moga if his political image gets spoiled. Advait gets insulted. Shamsher asks Advait to apologize to Nehmat and get her back in the Lohri party. Advait refuses to apologize to Nehmat. He tells that Nehmat wants to return to Ekam. Shamsher tells that the media shouldn’t know about Nehmat’s leaving. Advait asks him to stop torturing him. Shamsher tells that Advait is nothing on his own. Advait replies that he can do a lot without Shamsher’s help. Shamsher wants to see what Advait can do. Harleen finds the food spicy.

Ekam offers her water. He turns caring towards her. She tells that she had the food because Renuka made it with love. He asks her to consult a good doctor. She tells that her dress got spoilt. He offers her lift. Veronica calls Advait and asks him to meet her urgently. She reports how Shamsher has insulted her and her mom. She threatens of exposing him in front of the media if he dares to ditch her and ruin her life. She tells that she will destroy his happy family image and bring out his unwanted marriage truth as well. Advait gets worried. He has to stop her someway. He realizes just Nehmat can help him. Nehmat finds Ekam with Harleen. She wonders if he has really moved on.

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