Pandya Store GHKPM 23rd January 2023 Upcoming Twists


Pandya Store GHKPM 23rd January 2023 Upcoming Twists Dev, Shiva and Krish meet Suman at the hospital. Rishita and Raavi too meet Suman after a long time. The family reunion makes Suman emotional. Dhara asks Suman not to reveal the truth of her recovery, else her sons will go away. Dhara tells that they all have come knowing Suman is sick. She wants Suman to act sick until they bring the shattered family back. Gautam tells Suman that they all will go home together now. The family gets too emotional.

Dhara and Suman keep their plan a secret. Gautam and Dhara take Suman home in the ambulance, while the family follows them. Gautam had left all the hopes of his brothers returning home. He decides to leave the alcohol and stay happy with the family. He finds hard to stop drinking. The family will be seen helping Gautam overcome his alcohol addiction.



Sai and Virat’s story goes ahead. Bhavani gives a speech on women rights. She asks the women to not ask for the rights, because they can get their rights as defined by the constitution. She asks them to just get aware of their rights. She asks the people to use their right to vote and choose the right candidate. Few women question Pakhi and Vinayak’s relation. Pakhi gets tears in her eyes. She lectures the women. She tells that a woman becomes a mother by her deeds, she takes care of her son, he is her Kanhaiya, she is his Yashoda. She calls their thinking disgusting. She tells that when hearts unite, then relationships are made on its own.

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