YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Abhi Akshara dramatic reunion

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Abhi Akshara dramatic reunion

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Abhi Akshara dramatic reunion One of the best series on the small screen, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, keeps getting more captivating as time goes on. Pranali Rathod and Harshad Chopda play the key roles. The drama and plot twists in the next episodes of the show will keep you glued to your screens. Because he believes that the Birla family has only caused his sisters grief and suffering, Kairav develops a strong dislike for Abhimanyu and them. In order for Aarohi to be happy, he wants her to advance and get married. In an effort to match Aarohi with his lawyer friend, he calls her for dinner. Aarohi, on the other hand, becomes extremely irate since she is unwilling to leave the Birla home in any situation. Kairav worries about Aarohi and her future.

Abhimanyu is currently stunned beyond belief when he learns that Akshara married Abhinav and that the two of them also share a son.¬† Cutely, Abhir starts by apologising to Abhimanyu. As a result, Abhir creates a card by hand and offers it to Abhimanyu as an apology. Abhimanyu breaks down in tears as a result of his immediate sense of kinship with Abhir. Abhinav, however, continues to be unaware that Abhimanyu is truly Akshara’s first husband. Since they don’t want to revisit their history, this causes a lot of friction between Akshara and Abhimanyu. Will Abhimanyu be successful in learning the truth of Akshara and Abhinav’s namesake marriage? Keep reading.



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