Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update Panchi is alive

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update Panchi is alive

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update Panchi is alive In their houses, Ranbir and Prachi complete the Kanjak pooja. Prachi is asked by Sahana to feed Mauli. Mauli requests puri before dessert. Prachi is without Panchi. She still holds Ranbir accountable for Panchi’s demise. Ranbir adopted Panchi’s habits because he believes Panchi will be with him. He longs for Panchi. He wants to forget about Prachi. He holds Prachi responsible for his loss of Panchi. They lament not having the opportunity to meet their daughter. Prachi is urged by Dadi to put the past behind her and go on with her life. Ranbir and Prachi are curious about what their dead daughter would have looked like. Their daughter Panchi is pictured leading a difficult life in poverty. She offers temple prayers.

Khushi is now Panchi. Khushi’s mother pulls her ears and chastises her for rushing to the temple instead of staying at the flower shop. Khushi is instructed by her to go sell the flowers. It’s difficult for Khushi to sell the flowers. For gain, Khushi’s mother commits fraud. Khushi receives criticism over the fraud. She becomes outraged since her mother cheated.


Her mother explains that she works for her benefit. She believes she did nothing wrong. Khushi asserts that it is improper to tell lies. Khushi returns with the flowers to sell them. She is honest in saying that her mother does not reimburse the money. For the meeting, Prachi travels to the workplace. She requests the assistant to never make the same mistakes again and to apologise. She gives her helper advice.
The lady tells that they aren’t aware of Khushi’s family and parents. Prachi sees Panchi’s locket and tells that she misses her a lot. Ranbir also misses Panchi and wishes that she was with her. Khushi meets him and gives him a flower. She runs away from his sight. He looks out for her. She wonders if he smiled seeing the flower or not.
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Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Update Panchi is alive:

Prachi finds a staff member in trouble and runs out of her cabin to save her. She cares for the staff member. She asks the girl to get the first aid done immediately. She tells that pain can get high if the wound isn’t treated on time. She asks the girl to have coffee and take a painkiller. She asks Kailash to find out who kept the box in the shelf. She goes for the conference. The girl likes Prachi. Priya tells that Prachi is strict but caring. Prachi meets the chairman of the company. She tells that she got late because of the Kanjak puja, but she has come prepared.

The client tells that they will have a big loss until the old woman vacates the property. He challenges Prachi and also offers the chairman’s position to Prachi if she succeeds in vacating the property. She refuses to take the chairman’s post. She asks him to learn speaking to women with manners, business shouldn’t be important than humanity. She reminds him that his mother, sister and daughter are also women. She lectures him. She asks him to use his language well when he talks to any woman. The man gets angry on her. The chairman asks him to return the money and end the deal if he wants. He asks Prachi to fulfil her word. Prachi looks confident.

Khushi’s mother brings her to a rich household for Kanjal puja. She believes that they will get a gold coin as donation. The lady throws out Khushi after insulting her well. Khushi asks her what does she mean, she isn’t bad blooded, every person is same. Khushi’s mother apologizes to her on Khushi’s behalf. The lady asks Khushi to ask her Maai about her blood. Khushi’s mother begs for some food. The lady kicks them out of the house. She stumbles. The fire gets lit and the lady’s daughter gets caught. Khushi hears them shouting. She tells that something has happened inside. She learns about the fire.

Khushi’s mother curses that family. Khushi asks her not to think bad for anyone. She runs to help. Khushi finds the lady’s daughter caught behind the fire portion. Khushi runs and saves the little girl by her smartness and bravery. The lady hugs her daughter. Khushi gets scolded by her mother. The lady realizes her mistake of throwing out Khushi. She treats Khushi with care and thanks her for saving her daughter. She gets to see the unique star and moon symbol birth marks on Khushi’s foot. Prachi sees the star and moon pendants which Ranbir wanted to gift to Panchi. She cries for Panchi.

She tells that she misses her daughter a lot, she loves her. Khushi’s mother takes the gold coin from her. She asks her not to jump into the fire next time. She sends Khushi to handle the store. Khushi gets back to work. Ranbir and Aryan lose a bidding. He wants to know why does Sandeep always snatches their deals. He has no idea about Sandeep. Sandeep calls his boss and congratulates that they have won the deal. Ranbir tells that he meets Sandeep always, Sandeep has a personal agenda behind this. He goes back and hears Sandeep talking to Aaliya on phone.

Ranbir and Aryan learn that Sandeep works for Aaliya. Ranbir’s wounds get fresh. Ranbir snatches the phone from Sandeep and yells at Aaliya. He tells that now he understands the game. Sandeep and Ranbir get into an argument. Ranbir grows raging. Sandeep threatens him. He tells that Aaliya will ruin him totally. Ranbir tells that he won’t leave Aaliya when she comes in front of him. Sandeep tells that Aaliya will ruin him totally. Ranbir tells that he has to take old revenge on Aaliya.

He isn’t scared of her. Aryan controls Ranbir. Prachi meets the old lady to convince her to sell the house to the builder. The old lady refuses to sell the house for any price. She asks them to let her stay in the house with the memories of her family. Prachi asks her to listen to her once. She doesn’t want the lady to leave the house. She tells that it’s the lady’s home that’s fulfilled with memories of the family. She misses her family.

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