Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update Preeta Rishabh divorce

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update Preeta Rishabh divorce

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update Preeta Rishabh divorce Karan speaks to Preeta on call. He tells that she knows it well, she is going to marry him soon, in the next few days. He asks her to go and meet the judge. He tells that she should take divorce from Rishabh, and complete the formalities as soon as possible. Rishabh and Shrishti overhear Karan and Preeta’s conversation. Karan tells Anjali that he will soon marry Preeta. He is puzzled when Preeta agrees to divorce Rishabh. Rishabh grows worried seeing the family’s madness for Arjun. He wants them to not believe Arjun is Karan. He finds their misunderstanding growing and leading to all these problems.

He tells Anjali that he has learnt Bani’s prayers. He recalls that Rishabh and Preeta have a relation of respect. He hears that Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage isn’t of love but of friendship. He learns that they don’t have any marital relationship till now. Karan tells Anjali that Rishabh and Preeta aren’t husband and wife, he/Karan is Preeta’s husband, she will always be his wife for the next seven births. Rishabh asks Preeta why did she say yes to Arjun, who is really crazy. Rakhi asks him not to question Preeta. She tells him that Preeta has taken the right decision.


She knows that Rishabh and Preeta have a relation of friendship and respect. She reminds him the promise that he will protect Karan’s deposit, and now Karan has come. He tells that Arjun isn’t Karan. She tells that Arjun is Karan, she has proved it well. He doesn’t believe her. Kareena stops Rakhi from yelling. She tells that Arjun wants to get everything that belongs to Preeta. Rakhi tells that they should believe her. Rishabh tells that they should explain Preeta, she took a wrong step. Rakhi supports Preeta’s decision.

Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update Preeta Rishabh divorce:

Rakhi tells Rishabh that Preeta has taken the right decision, its decided by fate, she is already Karan’s wife and now their marriage will happen again. She reminds Rishabh that she got Rishabh married to Preeta so that Kavya gets a father’s name, and to protect Preeta from any evil sight. She tells that Karan has come back today. Rishabh tells that Preeta has agreed to marry Arjun just because she wants to save the house for the family, she is scared, but she doesn’t get scared of anyone. Rakhi tells that the marriage will happen at any cost, and she will see who dares to stop it. Kareena asks her how can she talk to her son like that. Rakhi takes Preeta with her. Kareena sympathizes with Rishabh.

Kareena tells that they don’t want this marriage to happen. She gets emotional about the house. Rishabh asks her to trust him. He tells that Preeta doesn’t need to sacrifice her life to save the house. Kareena tells that Preeta doesn’t know where to go. She asks him to leave everything on fate, it will happen as fate has written it for them. Anjali is disturbed thinking Arjun and Preeta will get married. She loves Arjun. She thinks why didn’t Preeta refuse to Arjun. She doesn’t want them to get married. She tells that she had no idea that Arjun will do this, else she would have not suggested him to takeover the house.

Rakhi asks Preeta not to worry, whatever happening is right. She tells that nobody is believing her that Arjun is Karan. Preeta asks what’s the secret behind Arjun’s intentions, why is Arjun hiding that he is Karan. She tells that Karan can’t stay away from the family. She wants to know the reason at any cost. She wonders if Karan doesn’t remember anything after the accident. She tells that it maybe anything. Rakhi tells that Arjun is hiding the truth from them. Preeta tells that they will find the truth. Rakhi hugs her and feels Preeta does a lot for her like a daughter.

She is grateful to Preeta who has always stood by the family. She regrets that nobody is supporting her today. She tells that nobody is believing her, just Preeta believes her. Preeta tells that she will always be there with Rakhi. Rakhi blesses her. Preeta tells that the entire family will believe whatever Rakhi says. Rakhi happily hugs her. Prithvi gets the news that Preeta has agreed to marry Arjun, by divorcing Rishabh. He wonders how is this possible. He tells that Arjun has promised Preeta for marriage, and then Preeta has accepted the marriage also.

He wonders how did Rishabh and Rakhi agree. He cracks the code. He tells that Arjun has done good acting of Karan and fooled the Luthras, so Preeta agreed to marry him. He is hurt that Preeta is marrying Arjun. He wants a confirmation. He rushes to find out. Preeta asks Shrishti not to question her. She doesn’t know what happened to her. Shrishti tells that the proof can be fabricated, Arjun might want them to believe he is Karan. Preeta tells that they already feel he is Karan, that’s why they used to see Karan in him. She doesn’t think this can be a coincidence. She tells that Arjun is really Karan.

Anjali asks Arjun to cancel the marriage. She wants to know what is he feeling. Shrishti tells that she also felt Arjun is Karan, but he should admit the truth. Preeta wants to know the truth from Karan. Shrishti asks her not to marry Arjun, it’s a big risk, if he isn’t Karan then it will be a disaster. Preeta tells that she wants to know why is he hiding his identity. She gets Karan’s call. Karan reminds her that she has agreed to marry him in the next few days. He tells her that he is going to meet the pandit, he will ask the closest date for the marriage.

Shrishti asks Preeta to refuse for the marriage. He asks Preeta to meet the judge and take divorce from Rishabh. He tells that she should complete the formalities. Rishabh is shocked to hear this. Karan asks Anjali to call the designer, he wants new clothes. Preeta apologizes for hurting Rishabh’s feelings. Rishabh tells that he trusts her, she will do everything right, he has some sorrow but he will be okay. She tells that she didn’t think before deciding anything. She feels guilty. Rishabh tells that she has done a lot for them. He tells her that he will leave everything and let the fate decide.

He agrees for Preeta and Arjun’s marriage. He tells that he will meet the judge tomorrow and complete the divorce formalities. Preeta cries out. Kareena tells Kritika about Arjun’s marriage proposal for Preeta. Kritika is shocked to learn this. Kareena tells that Preeta has accepted Arjun’s condition. Prithvi overhears them. Kareena tells that Rakhi has a proof that Arjun is Karan, Arjun has the same birthmark. Prithvi feels they are really foolish. Rakhi and Rishabh speak to Preeta. Rakhi tells that Rishabh has taken the right decision. She wants to clear few things.

She tells that Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage didn’t happen under normal circumstances, they know Prithvi was after Preeta, the family was scared for Preeta’s safety, they took this step to protect Preeta and also to give a father’s name to Kavya. She thanks Rishabh for keeping their respect. She tells that she tried to bring them closer and make them husband and wife in real sense, but it didn’t happen because Preeta just loved Karan. She can see Rishabh’s respect for Preeta. She tells that Preeta’s Karan has come back today. She feels its in fate that this is taking place. She asks Rishabh to divorce Preeta. She wants Preeta to get her love back, Preeta and Karan to unite. She tells that even Rishabh wants this to happen. Rishabh appears gloomy.

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