Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2023 Written Update The Wedding

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2023 Written Update The Wedding

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2023 Written Update The Wedding Rano asks who is the bride if Lakshmi is here. She lifts the veil and sees Shalu. Balwinder asks Rano to forget everything, when Lakshmi has come back. Balwinder tells Lakshmi that they will get married, and take the wedding rounds right away. He doesn’t want to miss the mahurat. He takes Lakshmi to the mandap. Balwinder and Lakshmi take the wedding rounds. Malishka just wants Lakshmi’s marriage to happen. Rishi takes Lakshmi’s name in an unconscious state. Pandit asks Balwinder to make the bride wear the nuptial chain. Balwinder takes the mangalsutra in his hand. Lakshmi sees that and recalls Rishi. She gets into a dilemma over the marriage. Lakshmi freezes.

Earlier in the show, Dadi and Virender ask them not to catch Lakshmi. Kamli reaches the wedding hall. She hides there and hopes that Lakshmi calls her. She prays that her fate doesn’t cheat her. She hides there. Ayush and Bani get to hear the noise. They rush to see what’s going on. Rano looks for Neha. She asks Lakshmi why is she refusing for the marriage. Shalu gets tired and sits down. She hopes that some miracle happens. Malishka doesn’t want Rishi to get conscious. Ahana asks Lakshmi not to live without Rishi. Lakshmi tells that she has to live for her family’s sake.


She sees Kamli there and asks her to keep hiding. Kamli doesn’t want Balwinder to spoil Lakshmi’s life. She waits for Lakshmi’s call. Virender tells that Lakshmi might have got tired. Dadi tells that they will help Lakshmi in escaping. Ayush reaches there. He tells that he will make Lakshmi run away from the marriage. Dadi blesses him to succeed. Balwinder gets drunk. Ayush and Bani decide to attack Balwinder. Shalu gets happy that Ayush has come. She scolds Ayush for coming so late. Ayush fights Balwinder. Dadi and Virender get happy and feel proud of Ayush. Balwinder asks Lakshmi why is she making their marriage a joke. Lakshmi arrives there to put a stop to the drama. Her entry shocks everyone.

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2023 Written Update The Wedding:

Shalu realizes that Ayush didn’t take away Lakshmi. Rano and Neelam wonder who is the bride. They all are shocked when Rano unveils the bride and they see Shalu in Lakshmi’s place. Lakshmi is moved to know Shalu was sacrificing her life. Ayush asks Shalu why was she doing this. Balwinder asks how did Shalu come there. Ayush tells that what would have happened of him if she got married to Balwinder. Balwinder scolds him. Lakshmi asks Shalu what were they trying to go. Bani tells that they tried to save Lakshmi. Ahana tells that Lakshmi was with her. Shalu asks why did she come back. Lakshmi tells that she came back for Bani’s sake. Balwinder asks what’s happening, he can’t marry Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani.

He asks his friends if they didn’t see Lakshmi running away. He asks the pandit to chant the mantras and get him married to Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to come with him. Lakshmi asks him not to worry, their marriage will happen. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to do this. Lakshmi tells that she knows Ayush has done this with a good intention, but fate doesn’t change. Neelam asks Virender to listen to Lakshmi and understand. She wishes Lakshmi marries Balwinder and gets away from their lives. Rano asks Lakshmi to explain Shalu and Bani. She asks her to go and get ready. Balwinder tells that Lakshmi doesn’t need to get ready, she already looks beautiful, they will marry right away. Lakshmi thinks how will Kamli sit in her place if she doesn’t go to change her clothes. Kamli waits for Lakshmi’s call.

Lakshmi feels trapped when Balwinder takes her to the mandap. Sonal worries for Malishka. She connects to Malishka and asks about Rishi. Malishka tells that she is waiting for Lakshmi’s marriage. Balwinder holds Lakshmi’s hand. She gets reminded of his evil. She gets tears in her eyes. Balwinder stares at Lakshmi in an evil way. Virender performs the kanyadaan ritual on Lakshmi’s insistence. Malishka tells that she hopes Rishi doesn’t stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Sonal likes her plan. She reminds that she also helped her in winning Rishi’s love. Rishi is still unconscious.

Malishka wishes Balwinder and Lakshmi get married soon. Lakshmi is forced to take the wedding rounds with Balwinder. Rishi gains consciousness and takes Lakshmi’s name. Pandit tells that the marriage rounds completed. He instructs the next rituals. Lakshmi is still wearing Rishi’s mangalsutra. Balwinder asks her to break it and throw it away, its not needed. He asks her to wear the mangalsutra of his name. This marriage sequences turns out to be Lakshmi’s imagination.

Rano asks Lakshmi to come to the mandap in the same clothes. Lakshmi wonders what to do. Balwinder’s aunt asks Shalu to give the garlands to Lakshmi. Rishi asks Malishka is she okay. She tells that he has saved her. He tells that he has to go to Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi has got married. He asks her to come with him if she wants. She takes a stone to hit on his head and faint him. Balwinder tells the pandit that he has many enemies who wants to stop the marriage. He asks pandit to begin the rituals. Lakshmi wishes to find a way. She intentionally burns her saree to avoid the marriage rituals.

Shalu and Bani save Lakshmi seeing the fire. Rano asks how did the fire catch the saree. Lakshmi tells that she doesn’t know. Balwinder’s aunt calls it a bad omen. She asks Lakshmi to change her clothes and come. Balwinder asks his aunt to verify the bride’s identity before getting the bride to the mandap. She asks him not to worry. Balwinder gets restless. Guddu asks him to become suitable for Lakshmi. Rishi asks Malishka is she coming along with him or going home.

She gets scared and throws the stone away. Shalu and Bani ask Lakshmi what did she do, why did she burn her saree. She tells her plan of getting Balwinder married to Kamli. She asks their help. They ask her who is Kamli. Lakshmi tells them that Kamli is Balwinder’s ex, she is carrying his child, she wants to marry him. They get relieved that Lakshmi isn’t marrying Balwinder. Lakshmi tells that Balwinder will kill Kamli if he learns the truth. She hugs her sisters.

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