Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Update Anjali loves Karan

Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Update Anjali loves Karan

Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Update Anjali loves Karan Karan stops Anjali. He asks how can he marry without her. She taunts him asking is he marrying her that he can’t get married without her. She tells him that she is feeling like she will lose him. She shares her fears with Arjun and hugs him. Preeta gets to see them sharing a hug. She is puzzled. She wonders if Anjali has fallen in love with Karan. Will Preeta learn Anjali’s intentions in time? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi tells that they know Arjun is Karan and nothing else matters, they have the proof as well, Karan has come back to them. She tells that when she got Preeta married to Rishabh, she thought they will have a marital relation, but they just stayed friends. She tells that love has come back in Preeta’s life. She blesses Preeta. She wants her to stay happy. Servant overhears them and rushes to inform Prithvi. Rakhi hugs Preeta.


Preeta wishes that every girl gets a mother-in-law like Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she is her mother. Prithvi is super shocked to learn that Arjun is Karan and Luthras has proved this too. Sherlyn asks him the matter. Prithvi tells that he is very much shocked at his foolishness, they never thought why Arjun is so interested in Luthras. He tells her that Arjun is Karan. She doesn’t believe it. He tells that someone had saved Karan’s life, Luthras have the proof, Karan and Arjun’s fingerprints have matched. He tells that he will not let Karan marry Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Update Anjali loves Karan:

Prithvi tells that just person can help them, that’s Rishabh. Sherlyn doesn’t think Rishabh will help them. She calls him mad. She tells that Rishabh will never help him in torturing his brother. He tells that Rishabh will help. She tells that Rishabh loves Preeta a lot, he will be much sad. Rishabh sheds tears. Sameer asks him what happened. Rishabh tells that he is okay, he also gets a bad day, but he is fine. He feels sorry that he couldn’t handle his business well, he invested in the wrong land deal and put Preeta and family in trouble. He tells that he felt Arjun is like family. Sameer pacifies him. Karan waits for Anjali. He meets Anjali.

He asks her why isn’t she letting him shift to Luthra house. She asks him why didn’t he inform her before. He asks her why is she denying their plan, she knows that he is longing to stay with his family. She asks isn’t she his family. He asks what’s bothering her. She tells that he will leave her and go. He tells that even she can stay there with him, she is also his family. She feels hurt. Dadi tells that Anjali is kiddish. Anjali gets his bag. She asks him to go away. He tells that he can’t marry without her presence. She asks if he is marrying her, that he can’t marry without her.

He tells that he wants her to be present in his marriage. She tells that she will be there, but maybe he won’t see her. He asks Dadi to come. Dadi agrees. He makes a leave. Dadi asks Anjali why is she behaving odd. Anjali tells that she doesn’t want Arjun to marry Preeta. Rishabh reaches his office. He is frustrated. He wished that Preeta had listened to him and didn’t agree to marry Arjun. He wants to respect her decision. He tells that its Preeta’s life, she is an individual and she has a right to decide for her life. He loses his mind, thinking of Preeta.

Preeta finds Karan sleeping. She enters the room and turns to go. He wakes up and tells that she can ask him anything she wants, because he isn’t a bad person. She tells that she came to see if he woke up or not. She asks him to go to office. He tells that he is taking an off. She gets into a moment with him, and recalls Karan. She gets to see Kavya and her picture in his wallet. She remembers his words that Kavya is his daughter. She gets emotional. Rishabh leaves from his office. Prithvi gets Sherlyn’s call. He keeps an eye on Rishabh. He tells her that he has important work. He hangs up.

She wishes that she had married Rishabh. She prays that she gets married to Rishabh once Preeta marries Arjun. Rakhi hopes Arjun likes the designer outfits. Mahesh asks her what is she doing. She tells that she got the outfits for Arjun. She asks Karan to select the outfit for his marriage. Anjali gets the designer there and asks Arjun to see the designs. Karan finds Rakhi getting upset. He tells that he has finalized the clothes. He apologizes to Anjali. He asks Rakhi which one does she like. Rakhi selects a sherwani for Karan. He tells that he likes it if she likes it.

He calls Rakhi’s choice the best. Rakhi gets happy. Karan tells that he will go for an urgent call. He collides with Mahesh, but saves the latter from falling. He cares for Mahesh. Mahesh also reminisces his son’s memories. Anjali asks Arjun what is he doing. Karan sends the designer away. She asks him to talk to her. Rakhi asks Mahesh if he also felt Arjun is Karan. She makes him speak up. Mahesh tells that he also felt the same, that he is their Karan, just because Rakhi is pushing him to believe so. She asks him to listen to his heart and stop denying his feelings.

He tells that she shouldn’t force him to accept Arjun as Karan. She tells that he is Karan’s dad. He asks Sameer about Rishabh. Sameer tells that Rishabh is busy in work, he won’t come home tonight. Mahesh excuses himself by stating work urgency. Anjali asks Arjun why is he doing this. He asks her the same. He tells that she behaves strange whenever she comes to Luthra house. He calls her family. He tells that she is her best friend. Anjali tells that she doesn’t want to lose him. She hugs him, and they get into Preeta’s sight.

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