Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update Wedding chaos

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update Wedding chaos

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update Wedding chaos Karan and Preeta are getting married. Karan has returned to his love, Preeta once again. But, the fate doesn’t accept this. Fate brings Prithvi as a hindrance in the wedding. Prithvi takes a disguise and reaches the Luthra mansion. He hides his identity. He shoots in the air and soon captures Rakhi at gunpoint. He threatens of killing Rakhi. Rishabh and Karan get scared for Rakhi’s life. Karan leaves the mandap while rushing to save Rakhi. The happiness of Preeran changes into tension. Anjali gets glad seeing Prithvi creating a havoc in the house. Prithvi madly runs after the Luthras and threatens of killing them.

Anjali asks Preeta to stay away from Karan. Prithvi and his goons terrorize Preeta. Anjali doesn’t save Preeta. She goes to Arjun and confesses her love. Karan makes her understand that she just loves Preeta. He tells that Anjali is just his friend, he loves her only as a friend. Rishabh and Karan rush to fight with Prithvi and the goons. Prithvi doesn’t want Karan and Preeta’s union at any cost. Anjali asks Prithvi to take her at gunpoint. She is sure that Arjun will save her. She asks Prithvi to help her. Prithvi unmasks himself. He tells that he accepts her condition, but she has to help them in escaping. They team up to stop the marriage. What will happen next? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Prithvi tries hard to convince Rishabh. Rishabh doesn’t fall in his trap. Shrishti vents anger by ruining the decorations. Rakhi and Kritika ask Shrishti what is she doing. Shrishti tells that she wants to stop the marriage. Kareena asks her to behave maturely. She calls Shrishti stupid. Rakhi asks Preeta to get ready for the marriage. Shrishti asks Preeta not to marry. Kareena tells that she also agrees with Shrishti. Kritika tells that Arjun isn’t a nice person, he is bad news for the family. Preeta gets into a dilemma.

Ahead in the show, Rishabh hugs Arjun. He gets to realize that Arjun is Karan. He feels the same affection. He goes to share his feelings with Mahesh. He tells that when Arjun hugged him, that feeling can’t be fake. Mahesh asks what does he want to say. Rishabh tells that Arjun is Karan. He also believes that Arjun is Karan. He asks Mahesh to accept Arjun as Karan. Anjali overhears them. Karan tells the family that he will marry Preeta, and not oust anyone from the house. He asks them to stay in their house forever. He tells that if they don’t believe him, then he has a way to win their trust, he will name his property to Preeta. The family is stunned. Kareena also starts believing that Arjun is Karan, after seeing his selfless side. Rakhi gets happy that her faith is gradually entering everyone’s heart. She wishes Karan to get an acceptance from the family.

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update Wedding chaos:

Rakhi tells that her Karan can never do this. Kareena tells that Arjun isn’t their Karan. Rakhi tells that Arjun is her son Karan. She doesn’t want to argue with them. She tells that a mother’s feeling can never be wrong. Shrishti asks her to feel what they are feeling, Arjun is pretending nice, he is a bad person in reality, once he marries Preeta, he will throw the family outside, he will claim a right on everything in the house. Karan hears them and jumps into the conversation. He tells that he always keeps his word, he will not cheat anyone, he will marry Preeta, and not ask anyone to leave the house.

He is ready to transfer his property to Preeta. This shocks the family. He asks them if they can’t believe it. He asks his lawyer to prepare the papers. He asks him to transfer the Luthra mansion property to Preeta. Rakhi is pleased to hear this. Karan asks the lawyer to make documents to transfer Luthra company shares to Preeta, and also half shares of all his companies. Anjali arrives and is shocked to hear this. He asks Preeta to get ready for their wedding. Anjali can’t believe that Arjun is giving Luthra mansion to Preeta. Prithvi comes to Anjali’s house to meet her.

Dadi tells him that Anjali has gone to Luthra house. He asks her to call Anjali, because she isn’t answering his calls. Dadi tells that Anjali may not need him. She asks him to get lost. He tells that he needs money somehow. Mahesh calls Rishabh for a talk. He asks Rishabh where was he all night. He knows why Rishabh wants to stay away. Rishabh asks Mahesh what happened to him. Mahesh asks him is he stressed. Rishabh tells that he feels Arjun is Karan. Anjali stops in the corridor when she hears them talking about Arjun. Mahesh asks Rishabh not to say the same thing. Rishabh tells that he felt Karan’s touch when Arjun hugged him, Karan used to hug him exactly the same way, Arjun is their Karan.

Prithvi gets chased by the moneylender Shambu. He flees from the spot. Shambu sends the goons after Prithvi. Prithvi’s fate turns bad when Shambu catches hold of him. Prithvi gets beaten up. Shambu threatens him. Prithvi buys some time to repay the loan. Mahesh asks Rishabh if he got any proof for his word. Rishabh tells that he met with an accident, he is okay, Prithvi saved him, he tried to convince him to make him against Arjun, this is the proof that Arjun is Karan, Prithvi wants to stop Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. He tells that Arjun and Karan’s fingerprints have matched. Mahesh asks is he sure.

Rishabh tells that he is sure, their birth mark also matches. Anjali grows worried. Mahesh tells that he will beat Karan a lot, he will make Karan regret his lies. Rishabh tells that Arjun is Karan, Preeta has also realized this, so she agreed for marrying him. Mahesh tells that he thought she is sacrificing her happiness for the family’s sake. Rishabh tells that she didn’t fight Arjun, but she accepted his proposal, just because she realized he is Karan, she wants to reach the truth. Mahesh asks why is Arjun hiding the truth from them.

Rakhi gets emotional seeing Preeta decked up as the bride. She is happy that Preeta got her love, Karan. She wants their family to complete. Preeta tells Shrishti that Arjun is Karan, they should be happy. Shrishti wants Arjun to accept the truth. Preeta tells that they don’t understand this, they will know the truth soon. Shrishti agrees to stand by Preeta’s decision. Anjali learns that Prithvi had come home. Prithvi tries to borrow money from his friend. Anjali calls Prithvi and rebukes him. She tells that Rishabh now believes Arjun is Karan. He asks her to stay in her limits.

He tells that only he can help her and get her married to Arjun. She doesn’t want his help. She calls him a fool. He tells that he is the best, she can’t do anything without his help. He shouts on her. She feels humiliated. Sherlyn doesn’t understand why Rishabh doesn’t trust Prithvi. Karan gets ready as the groom. Rishabh meets him and gets emotional, when he sees his Karan in Arjun. He tells that he has a lot to say. He tells Karan that he refused to marry Preeta, when he was asked to marry her, not because he doesn’t like her, but because Preeta loves Karan. He tells that he respects Preeta’s love for Karan, he never wanted to enter her heart, so he married her with a intention to protect her.

He justifies himself and clears Karan’s misunderstanding. He tells that their relation never needed any name, their relation was much bigger than the relation of marriage, it was made by respect, Preeta was Karan’s deposit for him. Karan gets tears in his eyes when he hears Rishabh’s true feelings. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to him about Preeta. Rishabh tells that he respects Preeta a lot, he can’t see tears in her eyes. Karan asks him to let him go to the mandap. Rishabh also sheds tears. Rakhi compliments Karan and takes him to the mandap. Rishabh tells that he will not forgive Karan if the latter dares to make Preeta cry.

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