Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update New twist

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update New twist

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update New twist When Aryan learns about marriage, he becomes anxious. She informs him that he is now old enough to settle down and get married. She assures him with emotion that she will fulfil her mother’s duties, that she has already met the girl, and that even he will like her. She tells him to make an effort to appear appealing in order to win the girl over. Ranbir is happy that Aryan will wed. He promises to spare some time and return home. Aryan is advised by Pallavi to marry at the appropriate moment. Aryan feels pressured. Kaya and Prachi cross paths at the cafeteria. Kaya inquires as to the cause of Prachi’s tears. While waiting for Kaya, Ranbir rings the bell. 

Kaya picks up the phone. She must go to the meeting if she doesn’t open the door, he says. She claims that she is having breakfast in the café and is not in the room. He is invited to join her, she says. Prachi learns about Kaya’s haughty manager from her. Once more, Ranbir contacts her and lets her know that he will be waiting for her in her room. Kaya suggests that perhaps Prachi and Ranbir are not meant to be friends. Prachi claims that although people frequently lie, their true nature eventually comes to light. She expresses sadness and recounts how those who meant a lot to her later stole everything from her. A new twist will be coming in the track when Kohlis find a good match for Aryan. Who will be the girl? Keep reading.


Prachi joins the new office. She tells the men in the conference room that they don’t seem happy seeing her. The man tells that he has to be happy because boss has sent her to head their office. Ranbir saves Kaya from stumbles by stepping on the carpet. Ranbir holds her hand and saves her. Kaya starts liking Ranbir. They get into a moment. She realizes that he isn’t so arrogant, but charming.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update New twist:

Prachi tells Kaya that her loved ones have snatched everything from her. Kaya tells that mostly a person gets cheated by their loved ones. Ranbir calls Kaya and asks her if she is done having the breakfast. He tells that the floor manager hasn’t opened the door for him. Kaya goes to help him. Prachi reaches the office for the meeting. Guard argues with Prachi for the parking. Prachi gets excited to enter her new office. Ashok calls her and asks her if she has reached the office. She jokes that she has run away. He asks her not to joke. She tells that she has come to keep her promise.

He loves her. He tells that he wishes to adopt her, she is his sunshine, his savior. He praises her for being so sincere. He tells that she is his favorite. She thanks him for pampering her so much. She gets back to work. She meets the staff. The staff doesn’t think Prachi deserves the post. One staff-person is upset that Prachi has snatched his deserved position. He misbehaves in the conference hall. Prachi wants the staff to be loyal and true. She asks the man Satyendra to have courage to speak on the face. He tells that she has done much homework before coming. She tells that she does hardwork and homework. She doesn’t find him happy. He tells that he will have to get happy because Ashok has sent her.

She tells that he doesn’t sound true. She asks him to get to work. She tells that she believes in teamwork, they will work together. She asks them to read the mail about the new project and give their opinion. Kaya opens the door and gets inside the room. She tells Ranbir that she will complain about the floor manager, because he has insulted Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he was just following the hotel policy. He asks her not to get angry. He tells that people make mistakes. He asks her to think of that person’s job needs. She asks him why is he with her, just because of her dad.

Ranbir tells that her dad loves her. He asks her to begin working. She gives the construction site papers. She falls back. Ranbir holds her in time and saves her. She asks him if he is trying to impress her. He asks her to clear the misunderstanding. She tells that everyone likes to impress her. He tells that he was just seeing if she is good, she isn’t bad. She asks is she good. He tells that he didn’t say that. He asks her to talk about work. Prachi tells Priya that she will miss her old office cabin a lot, because she had many memories there.

Ashok calls her again. He asks her if she got any boyfriend. She asks him is he serious. He asks her not to backbite about him. He tells that he knows her, she would be missing her old cabin. He asks Prachi to remember that memories are made by them, they shouldn’t live life by memories. He asks her to make new memories. She thanks him for sending Dadi and Sahana. He asks her how was her day. He tells that he got to know, the staff is impressed by her. Satya/Satyendra wonders if Prachi is smart and talented, or just because she is beautiful. He tells that he was sure of becoming the CEO, but Prachi has stolen it from him. He hates the fact that Prachi is an opportunist. Ranbir brings Kaya to her dad.

Kaya tells that they should focus on the work issues. She doesn’t talk to her dad well. She asks Ranbir not to judge anyone. Ranbir tells that he isn’t judging anyone. Aryan calls Ranbir and asks him to save him from the girl’s family. He tells that just Ranbir can save him. Ranbir tells that he is coming. He tells Kaya that he will leave. She asks him not to go. He tells that he has some important work. She asks him to drop her to the hotel. He tells that he will book a cab for her. Ranbir meets Aryan at home and tries to rescue him from the alliance talks. He asks Aryan why didn’t he love someone. Aryan recalls Sahana.

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