Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Unexpected

Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Unexpected

Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Unexpected entry Preeta and Karan reach the mandap. They share an eyelock. They happily exchange the garlands. Rakhi happily blesses them. The marriage rituals begin. Prithvi arrives there with the goons. They wear masks to cover their identity. Prithvi threatens them by pointing the gun at them. Karan, Preeta, Rishabh and the family members get a big shock with the unexpected terror twist. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shambu laughs on Prithvi and Sherlyn’s dramatic love. He gives a chance to Prithvi to arrange the money. He gets into an argument with Shambu. He asks him to hear her out plan once. He tells that he has a plan, they all have to execute it together, they can earn crores at once. He adds that he will take them to Luthra house. Shambu refuses to go. Prithvi tells that they will go there to rob the house. Prithvi asks Shambu to help him, Luthras have a marriage function at home.


He feels they can easily go there and rob the house. He asks for 25% share for his talent and help. Shambu agrees to make money by following Prithvi’s plan. He asks Prithvi to not do anything wrong. Prithvi asks him to release Sherlyn. Shambu doesn’t accept his condition. Prithvi tells that he will take Sherlyn home tomorrow, she is safe. Kritika asks Shrishti her plan. Shrishti asks what is she talking about. Kritika takes her aside. She tells that they will plan and stop the marriage. Shrishti tells that they can’t do anything. Kritika tells Bani that Shrishti didn’t make any plan. Rakhi gets Preeta to the mandap. Karan looks at his bride smilingly.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Unexpected:

Karan gets to see Preeta and smiles seeing her. He recalls her words. Rishabh tells that Preeta is looking really pretty. Karan reacts and tells that Preeta is his would be wife. Anjali is happy to see Arjun reacting and angering Rishabh. She wants Rishabh to stop the marriage. Rishabh goes to Preeta. Karan grows worried, expecting him to become a hurdle in the marriage. Rishabh takes Preeta to Karan. He tells that Karan wants to marry Preeta, even Preeta wants to marry him, even Rakhi wants their marriage to happen. He tells that Rakhi and Preeta mean the most to him, if they both want this marriage to happen, then it will happen. He adds that nobody could have made the marriage possible if they both opposed it. He tells that the marriage will happen when Rakhi and Preeta wants so.

Preeta gets emotional when Rishabh frees her from all the bonds, and takes her to the mandap. Rakhi grows happy when Rishabh gives Preeta’s hand to Karan. Karan and Preeta sit in the mandap. Shrishti tells Kritika that they have to do something. Rakhi asks Shrishti to get supari for the puja. Shrishti tells that she doesn’t have it. Rakhi tells that its there in the kitchen. She instructs Shrishti. Rakhi sends Kritika as well. Karan and Preeta feel the magic when they hold hands and reminisce the moments of their past. They both cry emotionally. Prithvi, Shambu and goons arrive there. Guard stops them to ask for their phones. Prithvi and Shambu beat the guards. He asks them to wear the masks before entering, because its time to teach a lesson to the Luthras. Rishabh is happy to see Karan and Preeta in the mandap.

Karan and Preeta exchange the garlands. She asks him why is he playing the same game of hiding his identity from her, why doesn’t he say that he is her Karan. She wishes he comes up with a confession soon. Their marriage rituals begin. Pandit asks them to sit back. Sameer feels bad for Rishabh, and hugs him. Rishabh stays strong. Rakhi performs the gathbandhan rituals. Karan holds Preeta’s hand. She recalls their previous marriage ceremony. The goons enter the house and create a havoc. Prithvi and Shambu warn them to freeze. Bani gets mistaken.

She tells Kareena that it would be Shrishti’s plan to stop the marriage. They get happy. Karan and Preeta react to ask what the goons want. Bani falls into trouble, when she slaps Prithvi. She asks Prithvi not to trouble Preeta, but Arjun and Anjali. She asks Shambu didn’t Shrishti explain them, they have to stop the marriage. Prithvi asks her to shut up. He takes Rakhi at gunpoint. He fires in the air. Shrishti and Kritika hear the gunshot and worry. Karan leaves the mandap and rushes to save Rakhi. He asks Prithvi to leave Rakhi. Kritika runs to see what’s going on outside.

Karan and Rishabh worry for Rakhi. Prithvi tells that Shrishti didn’t call them, they have come on own, they are robbers, they have come to rob the house. He tells that its their mistake that they are much rich, so he has come to create a balance by stealing their money. He is glad that the guests and family members don’t have their phones with them. He asks them to just give away all the jewellery without any drama. Rishabh asks them not to move and put the guns down. He tells that he will press the emergency switch. The switch doesn’t work. Prithvi tells that he knows everything, he is more smart than Rishabh. Preeta asks them to stop. Shambu calls her mad to think that they will follow her orders.

Sameer calls him a coward. He asks him to show his face, men do not attack by hiding their face. Luthras get into a fight with the goons. Mahesh asks Rakhi to run. Rakhi tells that she can’t leave her sons in danger. She throws a coconut on Prithvi’s head. Prithvi drops the gun. Sameer punches Prithvi. The fight goes on, whole Preeta grows worried for the family.

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