Udaariyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update Entangled relations

Udaariyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update Entangled relations

Udaariyaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update Entangled relations Ekam tells Mallika that he is ready to move on in life with Harleen for Renuka’s sake. Mallika doesn’t like Harleen. He asks her not to judge Harleen because she is Jasmin’s daughter. He believes Harleen is a nice person. He wants to give his life another chance and see if love comes knocking. Mallika wishes him all the best and supports him. She hides the fact that she is dating Advait once again. Advait lies to Nehmat when she fixes their meeting with Mallika at the coffee shop. He meets Mallika and shares few romantic moments with her. Advait and Mallika decide to keep their relationship a secret. Naaz plants Mallika in Nehmat’s life to create a stir in the former’s marriage with Advait.

Nehmat meets Mallika to make an apology. Mallika tells that she had come to meet Advait, she can forgive him, because their relationship wasn’t of many years, he didn’t know well and he didn’t cheat her like Nehmat has done, despite knowing her since childhood. She accuses Nehmat for backstabbing her trust and snatching her love. She wants to snatch Advait from Nehmat and hurt her. She tells that she will snatch Nehmat’s husband to take revenge on her. She feels few wounds can heal by giving a wound to others. Advait tells Nehmat that he is very sure of her golden heart. He feels Mallika should have forgiven Nehmat for the sake of their childhood friendship.


She tells that she understands Mallika’s pain, because Mallika had loved Advait from the bottom of her heart. Advait promises to bring the friends together. He wins Nehmat’s trust. He begins to cheat Nehmat by starting a fling with Mallika. He doesn’t let Nehmat know that Mallika has accepted his love. Advait and Mallika keep Nehmat in darkness, and plan a romantic meeting. Nehmat also makes family holiday plans. Shamsher is eager to see Advait winning the elections. Advait gifts the same diamond bracelet to Nehmat and Mallika. Naaz gets to realize this and laughs on Nehmat’s fate, which will never have Advait’s love. Nehmat begins to believe that Advait is changing for the good.

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