Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet Kaya is waiting for Ranbir at the hotel. For a discussion, Prachi is in Kaya’s room. As soon as Ranbir shows up, Kaya leaves. Ranbir misinterprets Prachi’s presence as of Kaya. When Prachi sees him, she sobs. She makes the decision not to approach him first. In the bathroom, Prachi locks herself. She starts crying, and Ranbir runs to comfort her. He promises to pray fervently for Kaya to find true love. He advises Kaya to cry as much as she has to in order to ease her heart because it is preferable not to cry in front of the person she is crying for. He assures her that she won’t be noticed even if she cries. Prachi maintains her cover. Meeting between Ranbir and Prachi is still pending. Ranbir and Prachi’s love story stays incomplete.

Earlier in the show, Prachi learns about the problem in the hotel. Minty worries that flowers aren’t delivered for the decorations. Prachi asks her the matter. Minty tells that flowers aren’t delivered, it’s a special wedding, they have to make sure that the bouquet hall decorations are done on time.


Prachi asks Minty to calm down. Ganesh tells that he got a contact, he will call Laali and order the flowers. He calls Laali and orders the flowers. Laali is delighted to get a big order. She tells Khushi that they got a big order. Khushi tells that she will come along and help her. The guy who collided with Prachi turns out to be a criminal. He meets his fellow mates. He tells that they have to plan everything carefully, because big personalities will be coming to attend the wedding of a rich celebrity.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet:

Laali tells Khushi that they got a big order. Khushi offers her help. Laali can’t believe that she got such a big order. Prachi meets Kaya in the restaurant. She asks Kaya isn’t she okay. Kaya tells that she is feeling unwell. Prachi asks her to take care of herself. She takes Kaya to her room. The terrorists prepare to attack the hotel. Prachi looks after Kaya. Kaya tells that her manager is getting the doctor. She asks Prachi to tell her about the guy who broke her heart. Prachi asks her to have fruits. Kaya refuses to have fruits, even if she feels hungry.

Prachi tells that she will tell her about her life. Kaya asks who was that idiot who had cheated Prachi. Prachi tells that he was a careless guy. Kaya tells that every man is careless in the world. She asks her where did they first meet and how they fell in love. Prachi recalls the moments with Ranbir, and tells her about their first meet. Kaya asks how did he look, was he like a typical hero. Ranbir arrives there. He also collides with someone and finds the person strange. Kaya finds Prachi’s story interesting. She tells that two persons dislike each other first and then it develops into liking. Prachi tells that he wanted to hurt her for someone else’s word, then they both fell in love gradually. She gets emotional when she thinks of Ranbir.

Kaya asks Prachi if she still loves that guy. Prachi goes aside and sheds tears. Ranbir walks inside the room. Prachi turns to see him. Aryan asks Pallavi and Dida why are they serious. Vikram asks Aryan why didn’t Damini like him. Aryan tells that he doesn’t know, Damini can tell them. Vikram scolds him for forcing Damini to refuse for the marriage. Aryan denies it. Pallavi asks Aryan why did he refuse, when Damini was a good match for him. Dida and Vikram ask Pallavi to answer them. Aryan grows worried. He tells that Damini is a nice girl. Dida asks why did he refuse for the marriage. She scolds Aryan.

He tells that he didn’t refuse. Vikram calls up Damini’s parents to know about the alliance. He invites them home. He tells that they want to talk to Damini. Ranbir doesn’t see Prachi with Kaya. He asks Kaya not to cry, doctor will soon come. She tells that she is crying because her friend is crying. He asks if her friend isn’t okay. She tells that she made her cry. He calls her an expert in making others cry. He tells that he doesn’t need courage to say the truth. She asks him not to talk to her like that. She tells that she spoke to her friend and asked her about her husband, her friend started crying, that guy has hurt her a lot.

Ranbir tells that love’s other meaning is pain, they give the power to that person to hurt them, they get blind in love and one day that person breaks their heart, they just have their memories of pain and sorrow. Kaya feels Ranbir has told everything about her friend. Ranbir asks how can he help her. She asks him to pacify her friend and console her. He tells that he doesn’t even know her. She commands him to go and console her. He tells that he doesn’t even know her name. She tells that he is mature, he can console her. She insists him. He goes to meet Prachi. She calls him rude, but starts liking him. Ranbir goes to Prachi and connects to her. Prachi uses the tap.

He hears the water sound and realizes that she is inside the washroom. She keeps the tap running and doesn’t hear his voice well. He asks her to stay alone if she wants, they can come close to their own heart when they are alone. He tells that they get hurt when they think of their loved ones, they always keep them in heart, the ones who hurt them also give them peace, they heal their wounds. He asks her name so that he can talk to her. Prachi doesn’t hear anything. He asks her not to cry. He feels sad that she is crying. Ranbir and Prachi don’t get aware of their presence. He tells that he will pray that she gets her love.

He asks her to cry as much as she wants now, but not cry later on. He tells that her tears won’t matter to the person who made her cry. He also cries while talking to her. He advises her to find happiness in little things, like he is attempting to do. He also misses his love in life. He reminisces Prachi. He tells that its hard to follow someone’s advice, but she has to move on in life, they have to find joy. He asks her to become his friend. He knocks the door and asks her to open it. All his words go unheard. Prachi closes the tap. She goes to open the door. She comes out, but Ranbir is gone by then.

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