Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Preeta in danger

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Preeta in danger

Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Preeta in danger Shrishti tells that she is sure of Arjun being Karan. Preeta asks if she felt this because Arjun risked his life for them. She counts that he has risked his life for them many times. Shrishti tells that she overheard Arjun and Anjali’s conversation, Anjali was speaking against Preeta, but Arjun made her quiet, Arjun confessed that he loves Preeta a lot, just Karan used to do this for Preeta. Preeta tells that she knows he is her Karan. She wants to find out why isn’t Arjun telling this to anyone. Anjali goes out of the house to meet Priyanka.

She tells Priyanka that she can’t see Arjun marrying someone else, Arjun has confessed that he loves Preeta. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her. She feels restless. Priyanka asks her to do something to stop Arjun’s marriage. She reminds that Anjali has done a lot to get Arjun. Police reaches there. Anjali lies to the inspector. She tells the inspector that the goons have left, and the family is safe. She sends him away. She tells Priyanka that she will go and free the goons, the goons will shootout again and who knows Preeta gets shot this time. She wants Arjun to just love her.


Dadi meets Preeta and Shrishti. She hugs Preeta and blesses her for the marriage. Dadi asks her if Shrishti guessed she won’t come. Shrishti tells that she thought Dadi won’t come, because Dadi loves Karan a lot. Dadi tells that she was worried and didn’t understand how Preeta agreed for the marriage, but she trusts Preeta’s decision. She adds that she will always support them. Dadi beats Shrishti. Preeta also beats Shrishti for making her cry.

Shrishti asks Preeta if she can tell Dadi the truth. She tells that Arjun is their Karan. Dadi tells them that she has seen the guards lying unconscious outside. She adds that she had called the police home, Anjali was talking to the police. Shrishti tells that she will go and see the police. Prithvi and Shambu get into an argument. He tells that the window opens up in a different corridor. Anjali reaches the corridor and sees the window. She thinks to open it. Prithvi tells that he knows a lot about the house. Shambu tells that he should have known about the family.

Prithvi asks him why did he underestimate Rakhi. He hears some sound and tells that someone is coming. He asks them to wear masks. Anjali reaches them and tells them that she will help them, if they help her. Prithvi laughs at her. She tells that she will scream and get everyone’s attention, then they will get caught. She shows the gun that she has stolen from the family members. She asks them if they will help her or not. She threatens them. Shambu asks her what does she want. Prithvi tells that Anjali wants to stop the marriage. She asks him how does he know this. He unveils and shows his face.

She is stunned. Shrishti asks Sameer did the police come and arrest the goons. He replies that police didn’t come till now. She looks for Anjali. Sameer stamps Kritika’s foot by mistake and rushes. She goes after him to scold him. Anjali gives the gun to Prithvi and asks him to attack during the wedding climax. Prithvi thanks her. She has another gun with her. She wants to take advantage of the chaos and shoot down Preeta. Shambu tells that girls are really nice, Anjali is nice that she helped them. Prithvi tells that Anjali loves someone, she doesn’t know right and wrong, she has become dangerous in love.

Shambu asks him why is he talking like that when he loves Sherlyn. Prithvi tells that he has a big heart, he can love many girls. He misses Preeta. Shrishti doesn’t find Anjali and the police. Rishabh also reaches the gate and collides with her. He tells that he had sent Kavya to the parlour, he has come to receive her. He seems positive about the wedding. Shrishti is amazed to see his understanding. Sameer asks Rishabh what happened to him. Rishabh tells that he is okay, they shouldn’t worry for him. He asks them to enjoy the wedding. Kritika beats Sameer. She scolds him for crushing her foot.

Sameer apologizes to her. Rishabh hugs Kritika and calms her. Kavya comes home and meets Rishabh. Rishabh hugs her with love. Shrishti asks him not to get emotional, Kavya will always stay with them. Rishabh recollects his conversation with Arjun. Karan realizes that Rishabh loves Kavya a lot. Rishabh tells that Kavya is his life, he loves her more than his life. Karan tells that Kavya is very lovely. Rishabh tells that he has raised her with love. He is grateful that Karan didn’t make her away from him.

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  1. dr preeta you don’nt listen prithvi let her do if you want but care at all never that is called never ending for them now see what will do now you must get out form there right now itself you don’nt waste your time.
    karan you continue marry dr preeta fast then you be safe now.
    anjili you don’nt have any commance at all if you do like this dr preeta she will gets upset now see what will do now keep it your mind see anjil you must get out form Luthra house.
    shirti that is not arjun he is karan you come know that shirti please try to understand that what i am saying for you.
    rishabh that is not arjun he is karan
    rishabh you just see face properly now you come to now that.


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