Udaariyaan Upcoming Nehmat accident 6th February 2023

Udaariyaan Upcoming Nehmat accident 6th February 2023

Udaariyaan Upcoming Nehmat accident 6th February 2023 Shamsher asks Advait not to lie to him. He asks if Ekam’s doubt is true, then Advait can’t save himself. He asks him what happened at the farmhouse. Advait tells him that Nehmat wants to break the marriage. Shamsher asks the reason for it. Advait tells about Mallika and his fling, that got exposed in front of Nehmat. Shamsher can’t believe Advait’s another blunder. Rupy and Satti pray for Nehmat and her baby. Harleen meets them. She tells that she had gone to Gurudwara to pray for Nehmat. Shamsher asks Advait why did he take this risk before the elections, he is burning his own family. He wants him to take revenge on Ekam later.

He can’t afford Nehmat to leave the house. He knows that Nehmat won’t sit quiet now, he is helpless that he can’t kill Nehmat. Satti wants to see Nehmat once. She goes to Nehmat and blesses her. Shamsher tells Advait that Nehmat shouldn’t gain consciousness until the elections get over, else Nehmat will expose Advait’s truth. He asks Advait to keep his image clean in front of the media. He tells that he will make sure that Nehmat doesn’t hinder their big dreams.


Ekam tells the doctor that he has to meet Nehmat and record her statement. Doctor asks him to come when the patient gains consciousness. Advait expels Satti from the ward. Shamsher instructs him to act good. Advait and his family assure the Sandhus that Nehmat will recover soon. Satti tells that they will not go home until they speak to Nehmat. Advait asks them to go home with Nikhil. He is worried. Shamsher asks Rama and Neeru to make sure that nobody meets Nehmat. Ekam finds it strange that they are covering up for Advait. He doesn’t want to spare Advait and his family if they are behind Nehmat’s accident. Advait is curious to know Shamsher’s plan.

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