Anupama 7th February 2023 Written Update Furious Vanraj

Anupama 7th February 2023 Written Update Furious Vanraj

Anupama 7th February 2023 Written Update Furious Vanraj Anupama supports Maaya after knowing her tragic past. Kavya and Kinjal also join them. Anuj also supports them. The women get united. Ankush breaks his silence and shouts out loud. Anupama tells that few men don’t even tolerate the sound of the women’s bangles, but can hear a woman’s screams. Maya thanks them for understanding her and giving her respect. Kinjal tells that Rakhi also made sacrifices for her, but she never gave her the attention. She wants to realize her mistake and rectify it. Pakhi also regrets that she has hurt her mother a lot. She tells that she will make sure that she never hurts Anupama.

Barkha feels sorry that she didn’t support Adhik when needed. Leela cries that Anupama became her daughter, but she couldn’t become Anupama’s mother. Everyone hears Maya’s story and sympathizes with her. They all pay respect to Maya, who is a selfless mother. Kinjal feels inspired from Maya, who is an amazing mother. Leela tells that she didn’t know that Maya has much pain in her. Maya tells that Anupama has kept her in the house despite knowing the truth. Anuj tells that two mothers are fighting this battle, but they aren’t enemies. Maya waits for her daughter Anu. Maya loves Anu. Anuj and Anupama get emotional.


Leela apologizes to Anupama and takes back the curse. She tells that Maya isn’t good like Anupama. Later, the Shah family discusses Maya’s story. Kinjal tells that she is really brave. Paritosh tells that he also wants to earn a lot of money for his daughter. Kinjal and Pakhi tell that money can’t buy happiness, relations are more important. Kavya feels lucky to have a good life. Anuj admits his mistake that he has judged Maya wrong. He knows she is Anu’s biological mother. He doesn’t want to lose. He wants to fight to get Anu. He loves Anu a lot. He tells Anupama that he will not let Anu go away with her mom.

He sounds selfish, but tells that its his love for Anu. Anupama supports him. Vanraj learns Paritosh’s mistake and confronts him. He asks him if he gave the factory papers to the lawyer. Paritosh disrespects Hasmukh. He tells that he had given the papers for the business. Vanraj slaps Paritosh’s manager. He tells Paritosh that Hasmukh has gifted that property to Anupama. Paritosh asks for his share. Vanraj asks did he get mad to ask for his share. Paritosh asks if its wrong to ask for own share. Vanraj asks him to work hard and buy such properties, instead claiming right on the ancestral property.

Paritosh asks him why did he sit like a coward and not claim his rights. He tells that Vanraj doesn’t even dream to become a big man. He insults Vanraj for his backward lifestyle. Vanraj bursts out in anger. Hasmukh and Leela defend their ancestral house. Paritosh shouts on them. He tells that he can’t live a poor life, he wants to start a new business, he has dreams and goals unlike them. Vanraj expresses his hardships in raising his children well. He regrets that Paritosh doesn’t respect his elders. He asks Paritosh to become like Anuj, be a good person and change his attitude. He doesn’t want Paritosh to claim the property. Paritosh tells that he wants to achieve something in his life.

Vanraj curses Paritosh to die. He throws out Paritosh and apologizes to Hasmukh. He asks Kinjal not to fall in Paritosh’s trap again. He regrets that he got such a bad son. Anupama spends time with Anuj. Maya too comes to look after Anu. Anupama asks Maya to forget whatever she told her. Maya tells that Anupama has children and grandchild, she has a loving husband Anuj. She tells that she has nobody else than Anu. She wants to take Anu with her. Paritosh rages in anger. He realizes that nobody understands him in the family, just Anupama used to support him. He tells that he will become a big man someday, the family will welcome him home. He suddenly falls sick. He collapses. He asks Badal to call his mother. Anupama gets the bad news of Paritosh’s critical state. Vanraj regrets cursing his son. Anupama and Anuj reach the hospital to see Paritosh.

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