Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Update Shweta’s entry

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Update Shweta's entry

Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Update Shweta’s entry Shweta comes to meet the Pandya family. The family is really shocked to see her after seven years. Shweta creates fun of the family. She congratulates Krish for getting such a pretty girl in his life. She hugs Prerna. She introduces herself and performs Krish and Prerna’s aarti. Rishita loses her cool and slaps Shweta. She asks Shweta to tell her about Chutki, else she will kill her. Dhara stops Rishita. She also slaps Shweta and vents out the anger. She knows that Shweta has broken her family. Suman asks Rishita to beat Shweta until she tells the truth.

Raavi asks Shweta to tell them about Chutki. Shweta asks them if they will call the police and get her arrested. She tells that she will not tell them anything, they won’t know anything. She sits relaxed. Dev tells that he will call the police. Shweta tells that she will never tell them about Chutki if they call the police. Rishita begs to Shweta and asks her to tell about her daughter.


She asks Shweta to take Chiku with her if she wants. She asks Dhara to return Chiku to Shweta. Suman tells that Shweta can take Chiku. Dhara is in shock when Rishta asks Shweta to take Chiku and return her daughter Chutki. Gautam tells that Chiku won’t go anywhere, Chiku is her son. Rishita asks how will they get Chutki if they don’t return Chiku. She begs Dhara to give away Chiku and save Chutki, which they couldn’t go seven years back. Chutki aka Natasha gets locked inside the temple because of Shesh. She faints down by fear. Chiku reaches her to help. Will Chiku bring Chutki home before Shweta exploits by family? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Update Shweta’s entry: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section.


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