Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Update Prithvi threatens Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Update Prithvi threatens Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Update Prithvi threatens Preeta Shambu tells that he was foolish to think Prithvi loves Sherlyn and would get scared if they kidnap her, but Prithvi is acting smart and got him arrested by the police. He adds that Prithvi is marrying his love Preeta. She tells that he would not do this. He asks her to say the truth. She tells that she will go and get Prithvi back, she will also get the money for him. She calls him foolish to cage him here. She tells that she will go and stop the marriage. He doesn’t want to come in her words. He refuses to listen. She feels helpless. Sameer and Rishabh tell that the chest is locked, so they brought it here.

Rishabh asks who is having the keys. Prithvi worries that Kritika might get conscious and tell his truth. Rakhi tells that she didn’t lock the chest. She wonders how they will get the chunri. Rishabh goes to attend a call. The wedding rituals commence. Preeta gives her hand in Prithvi’s hand. She doesn’t get a positive vibe. Karan gets conscious and recalls Prithvi’s words. He thinks of stepping out some way. He jumps down the cupboard. He finds a way to get rid of the ropes. He doesn’t find his sherwani there. He thinks Prithvi had taken his sherwani to take the groom’s place and marry Preeta. He doesn’t want this to happen.


Shambu tells that he doesn’t trust Sherlyn. She assures that she can get money for him. She adds that her mom is really rich, she loves Prithvi, her mom hates Prithvi and kicked her out of the house. She has done a lot for Prithvi. She tells that she was married to Rishabh Luthra, she left him for Prithvi’s sake, she can go back to Rishabh now if Preeta gets married to Arjun. Shambu asks what does she want to do. He frees her. She tells that she will go to Luthra house and expose his true face, then she will get back in Rishabh’s good books, Rishabh will accept her, her mom will also accept her, she will give her money.

She tells that she will give him the money. She is sure that the plan will work. Shambu agrees and asks her not to act oversmart. She tells that she will not miss her aim this time. Anjali and Priyanka head to a room. Anjali checks the bridal’s dress. She is afraid that someone will identify her. Priyanka promises that they will win, Anjali will get married to Arjun. Anjali asks how will she take Preeta’s place. Priyanka asks her to hide inside the room until she gets Preeta. Anjali hugs her thankfully. Priyanka asks her to get ready soon. Karan goes towards the mandap. He turns dizzy because of the chloroform.

Preeta stares at Prithvi. She refuses for the marriage. Rakhi and Mahesh ask Preeta is there any problem. Preeta tells that the groom isn’t Arjun. Kareena tells that they won’t discuss about Arjun and Karan again. Rakhi asks Preeta not to feel worried. Preeta isn’t able to explain them. Dadi asks Preeta not to insult them by refusing to marry Arjun. She tells that Preeta has changed her mind when Arjun has given all of his property to her. Preeta asks her not to blame her. She tells that she wants to marry Arjun, but the groom isn’t Arjun. Dadi asks what happened to her.

Preeta tells that its her feeling that this person isn’t Arjun. She asks him to show his face to everyone. Prithvi gets tensed when Rakhi asks him to show his face. Rakhi tells that Preeta knows Arjun is Karan, that’s the reason she is marrying him. Prithvi is scared. Rakhi asks him why isn’t he showing his face. Preeta pulls his sehra. The Luthras are shocked to see Prithvi. Preeta asks them to see, he isn’t Arjun. Rakhi and Kareena asks Prithvi how dare he try to marry Preeta. Mahesh threatens Prithvi of the police. Prithvi points a gun at her. They ask him about Arjun. He tells that Arjun isn’t conscious, he won’t marry Preeta.

He reminds Preeta that they were going to get married before, but Karan came married her by cheat. He wants to repeat the history and marry Preeta. He tells that they will get married now. She asks him to stop his nonsense. She refuses to marry him. He threatens her of Arjun. She angrily slaps him. He calls it enough. He takes Kavya at gunpoint and threatens Preeta. He asks Preeta to say if she will marry him or not. Preeta says yes. She agrees to marry him. She begs him to spare Kavya.

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