Junooniyatt 15th February 2023 Jahaan’s entry

Junooniyatt 15th February 2023 Jahaan's entry

Junooniyatt Spoilers 15th February 2023 Jahaan’s entry Ilahi sneaks out of her house to attend the Sangeet function of Husna’s sister, with the aid of her cousin Lucky. Ilahi contributes to Bride’s team’s victory in the contest. Ilahi’s voice was audible to Her Bua. Bua insists her husband locate Ilahi. Bua looks around the Sangeeth ceremony for Ilahi. Ilahi gets assisted by Husna in eluding Bua’s sight. Bua resolves to tell Biji the truth about Ilahi. Later, Bua attempts to incite Biji to fight Ilahi. Ilahi succeeded in persuading Biji that she wasn’t singing at the function. Ilahi goes in search of her father. In the street, Jordan sings and catches the attention of the police. Amardeep talks to his daughter about his sorrow.

Police later detain Jordan. For a couple, Jahan sings. Biji and Bua overheard their neighbors chatting with each other about Ilahi and Diljhot. Later, Jordan’s mother would request that Jordan forego the competition. Jordan’s father will discover the reality. Jahan intends to go to the Indian voice contest. His father won’t let him go to India. Later, Bebe would hear Ilahi singing and catch her in the act. What will occur after that? Will Ilahi, Jordan, and Jahan be successful in accomplishing their objectives? Keep reading.


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