Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Preeta comeback

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Preeta comeback

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Preeta comeback Anjali transfers a huge amount of money to Shambu. She asks him to take her to Luthra’s house, and kidnap Preeta. Rakhi finds Preeta unconscious and is moved. She asks Preeta what had happened to her. Priyanka is tense seeing Rakhi with Preeta. She doesn’t want Rakhi to stop the wedding. Prithvi hugs Sherlyn and asks him about Arjun’s whereabouts. He wants his revenge on Karan. Kritika fails to prove Prithvi’s presence in the mandap. The family doesn’t believe her and thinks her mind needs to rest. They assume that the goons had attacked her and she had hallucinated about Prithvi. They don’t want Kritika to grow anxious. Kritika looks for Prithvi in the house. Anjali thinks that Shambu will assist her and not let any hurdles come in her marriage. Rakhi rushes to help Preeta. Will Priyanka stop Rakhi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Sameer tells that Prithvi isn’t here, and it’s not possible. Kritika tells that Prithvi is marrying Preeta. She runs to stop the marriage. She goes and tells everyone that Prithvi has taken Arjun’s place in the mandap. She stops the marriage. Rakhi asks Kritika what is she saying. Kritika asks them to just see the groom’s face. Shrishti supports Kritika. Kritika asks them to trust her. She pulls off the sehra and sees Arjun. Karan doesn’t want the family to worry after knowing about Prithvi. Kritika tells that she has seen Prithvi in the mandap. Kareena asks her to calm down.


Sameer tells that Kritika was locked inside the chest, she wasn’t conscious. Kareena tells that the goons might have locked her. She asks Kritika to stop taking Prithvi’s name. She takes Kritika with her. Karan goes with them. Anjali grows afraid when too many hurdles come in the marriage.

Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Preeta comeback:

Kritika asks Kareena to believe her, she swears, she has seen Prithvi, and he was in the groom’s attire. She asks Kareena and Karan to trust her, Prithvi was there. Karan asks her to relax, maybe she is right. Kareena asks him not to support Kritika in wrong, but she stays depressed. She asks Kritika to get freshen up. Karan tells Kritika that he has to tell her something. Kritika still tells Kareena that she had seen Prithvi, but maybe she was wrong. Karan asks her to relax her mind. She asks how did she reach inside the locked chest. Karan calms her down. He coughs and sends Kareena to get water.

Kritika asks does he want to tell her something. He tells that she felt right, Prithvi had taken his place in the mandap, but thankfully Prithvi couldn’t succeed in his motives. He recalls that Sherlyn had helped him in escaping from the locked room. Karan breaks the door and leaves the room. He goes to find Prithvi. He catches hold of Prithvi and bashes him. Prithvi asks Arjun how dare he raise his hand at him. Karan tells that he won’t let Prithvi marry Preeta and ruin her life. He tells that his marriage will happen with Preeta. Sherlyn uses the chloroform to turn Prithvi unconscious.

She asks him to wear the groom’s sherwani and go to marry Preeta. Karan tells Kritika that Prithvi had attacked him too, and he didn’t tell to anyone because they will get stressed, he is happy that Kritika had come to stop Prithvi, and he is also glad that she loves Preeta like a sister. She thanks him. He consoles her. She tells that she would have doubted her mind if he didn’t tell her the truth. He apologizes that he didn’t bring Prithvi’s truth out. Kareena gets water for him. Karan heads to the mandap. Kritika tells Kareena that she is okay now, and she also wants to go and see the wedding. She lies to Kareena. Kareena wonders what happened to Kritika, and why is she behaving so strangely.

Priyanka gets a glass of juice for Anjali. She tells that she was scared. Anjali tells that she was terrified thinking Kritika will unveil her truth. Priyanka tells that if Anjali had gotten married to Prithvi, then it would have been a horrible thing. Anjali tells that nobody can take Arjun’s place. Priyanka tells that nobody can take Anjali’s place. Shambu and goons reach there to kidnap the bride. He just wants money. Anjali tells that she will give much love to Arjun. She goes for a touchup. Priyanka goes along to assist her. Priyanka and Anjali go to the room. Shambu and goons attack Priyanka. They catch Anjali and take her away. Sherlyn splashes water on Prithvi’s face and wakes him up. He wonders where is he.

Prithvi sees Sherlyn and yells at her. He asks her what she wants. She asks him what he wants. He tells that he loves her. She asks why didn’t he come to free her from the goons, he got Shambu arrested without caring for her. He tells that he just loves her, but she doesn’t understand him. She tells that she loves him so she has forgiven his mistakes. He asks her to understand why he wants to marry Preeta. He tells that he is marrying Preeta to set their lives, Preeta has turned rich, and he is doing everything for Sherlyn and him.

He asks her if she doesn’t believe him. He swears to her that he loves her, and he is doing everything for her. He swears on himself also and asks her to trust him. She falls in his words. She tells that she felt he is cheating on her. He hugs her. He asks her about Arjun. Kritika thanks Karan for telling her the truth. Rakhi asks her if is she okay. Kritika tells that she is okay. She apologizes to Rakhi for troubling the family. Rakhi tells that she will go and get Preeta. Karan thanks Kritika for not telling anyone about Preeta. Anjali gets conscious. Shambu asks her what is she doing here. She asks who is she. Shambu slaps his man in anger. Anjali slaps Shambu.

She asks why he kidnap her. He demands the money. She tells that she has to marry Arjun. Shambu asks what’s wrong. She tells that she has to go to the mandap. Shambu threatens her. She asks him to take her to Luthra’s house right away. He refuses. She tells that she is ready to pay money. He demands 50 lakhs. She agrees to pay. Rakhi finds Priyanka unconscious and asks her what happened to her, and where is Preeta. Priyanka tells that someone had hit on her head. Rakhi looks for Preeta. Shambu laughs seeing the money in his account. Anjali asks him to take her to Luthra’s house and kidnap Preeta. She tells that she will pay more than 50 lakhs to them. Shambu agrees. Rakhi grows worried. She spots Preeta and asks her if is she okay. She checks Preeta. Priyanka worries when Rakhi locates Preeta.

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  1. rhaki you put the water dr preeta eyes she will open the eyes dr preeta drink the water properly then you can go down please be😇 down.
    dr preeta this priyaka she did’nt plan that only hundered precent dr preeta you don’nt listen to priyaka let her do if you want but i don’nt care at all never ending for them.
    anjili if do like this plan i don’nt like it now see what i will do now dr preeta you slap with anjili properly you don’nt leave him.


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