Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Kaya surprises Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Kaya surprises Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Kaya surprises Ranbir Kaya asks Ranbir to come with her, she has to discuss constructed-related matters. Ranbir doesn’t follow her. She stops and asks him if he doesn’t want to come. She tells him that it’s okay and that he can give his resignation. He tells her that he doesn’t work for her, he works in the other company, and he is here just for her dad. She tells him that she has bought the other company. She shocks Ranbir. She started liking Ranbir and took over the company just for his sake. Prachi meets Khushi. She takes her to a mall. She tells her that she will buy a dress for Khushi. Khushi tells that Prachi has told her, that Prachi is like her mother. She asks Prachi to listen to her. She asks if she agrees. Prachi happily gives a nod. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aryan asks him not to feel bad. He tells that he is worried for Ranbir, so he consulted a doctor, Ranbir is just imagining Prachi because he loves her a lot. He adds that it’s his emotional dream, Prachi came in front of him, and he was just seeing her, it was an illusion, and it didn’t happen for real. Ranbir believes him. Pallavi asks Ranbir if is everything okay. She asks him to just tell her if he is hurt. He hugs her and gets upset.


She grows tensed by his silence. She keeps asking him. He tells that he is okay. She tells that she feels his pain more than himself. He tells her that he felt he lost everything once again, he was too scared that he can’t meet his family again. She tells that everything is okay. Ranbir asks her not to cry. He hugs her. She asks him to drink the haldi milk, it will provide him relief. Ranbir still thinks of Prachi, if his feeling was wrong.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update Kaya surprises Ranbir:

Ashok waits for Prachi. He tells that Prachi is habitual to hide her sorrow and pain. Prachi meets him. He tells that his BP got high because of her late arrival. She asks who asked him to care for her and love her so much. He tells that he has no worry for her. He asks her if she is hurt, he can call the doctor for her examination. She asks him not to call anyone, because she is okay. Prachi tells that she just needs rest. Priya takes her side. Ashok tells that he is their boss. He asks Prachi to take rest, everything will be okay in a few days.

He feels worried for Prachi, who he loves dearly like his daughter. Prachi hugs him. They get emotional. He tells that he is always there for her. She tells that she knows, he is there so she exists, he always supports her like family. She thanks him for handling her. He tells that she has to handle his business. Priya gets clothes for Prachi. Prachi asks if Ashok asked her to get it. Priya tells that Ashok is really nice. Prachi tells that he is a rude boss, businessmen can’t be emotional. Priya calls her emotional. Prachi tells that emotional people feel more hurt.

Prachi, Ranbir and Khushi see the moon and wish for their togetherness. Prachi tells that she loves Panchi the most. Khushi cries that Laali doesn’t hug her for once, she just scolds her. She recalls Prachi and Ranbir who had showered much affection on her. Khushi wonders if Ranbir is missing her or not. Ranbir misses Prachi and Panchi in his life. He tells that he lost the peace since he lost Prachi. He doesn’t know how is this possible when he had hugged Prachi. He wonders how can this be his illusion. He feels troubled by her memories. Prachi doesn’t want to think of Ranbir, because his memories trouble her and turn her restless. Ranbir wishes that he meets his Prachi and Panchi once. Khushi wishes to meet Prachi and Ranbir.

Next day, Khushi tells her friend about the hotel incident. Her friend asks her to take a rose and check the prediction note, they will see if it turns true for Khushi or not. Her friend tells that she will meet someone who loves her a lot. Khushi thinks who will she meet. Prachi comes there to meet Khushi. Khushi tells that she was preparing the hotel order for her friend. Prachi finds her dress torn. Khushi fixes it with a pin. Prachi helps her. She tells Khushi that she has to go to market and buy clothes, but she gets confused when she is alone. Khushi asks her to take someone along.

Prachi tells that even Khushi is busy in her work. Khushi agrees to go with her. Prachi tells that she will buy clothes for Khushi also, if the latter helps her. Khushi tells that she doesn’t want anything. Prachi emotionally blackmails her. She asks Khushi to listen to her if she regards her like her mum. Khushi tells that Prachi is like mumma. Prachi asks her to come with her and buy new clothes for her sake. Khushi goes with her. Ranbir meets Kaya. He hears her threatening someone on call.

He asks her why does she behave rude and hurt others. Kaya tells that if someone does a mistake, then they will face anger. She adds that she is good, but can’t let anyone take an advantage of her goodness. Ranbir finds her really upset. She asks him if he is passing any comment. She wants him to focus on work. She tells that she can take him to his destination, else he will lose his path. Ranbir doesn’t think he should go. She asks him to give his resignation. He reminds that he doesn’t work for her. She shocks him saying she has bought the company where he wants, now he works for her. She tells that everyone comes by their wish but leave by her wish. She asks him to speak to his boss later.

He asks her how did this happen overnight. She asks him to stop thinking and follow her. Prachi takes Khushi to some mall. Khushi gets confused seeing so many clothes. Prachi tells that there are many choices. Khushi tells that she liked a dress for Prachi. Prachi tells that she wants to buy clothes for Khushi. She asks her to select clothes for her. Khushi asks her to listen to her when she is like her mumma. Prachi asks the manager to help Khushi in shopping. Khushi tells that she will buy clothes for Prachi first. Kaya gets Ranbir to the same mall. Prachi and Ranbir feel each other. Khushi sees Prachi gone. She looks for Prachi. Kaya sees Ranbir gone. Prachi and Ranbir don’t see each other.

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