Udaariyaan 15th February 2023 Update Nehmat proved insane

Udaariyaan 15th February 2023 Update Nehmat proved insane

Udaariyaan 15th February 2023 Update Nehmat proved insane Nehmat revealed to Ekam and the Sandhus how Advait abducted her, attempted to kill her, and lied about Shamsher’s pregnancy to protect Advait’s political reputation. Ekam accused Nehmat of aiding Advait and Shamsher in their fabrications to become the perfect daughter-in-law. Ekam desired to punish Advait and Shamsher and inflict punishment on them. Rupy wanted to report them to the police and agreed with Ekam. Nehmat, however, asked Ekam to refrain from doing so and allow her to go it alone. Later, Nehmat and her family showed up at the press conference, and Advait and Shamsher were shocked to see them. The Kapoors and the Sandhus were shocked when Nehmat thanked Advait, Shamsher, and Rama for taking good care of her when she wasn’t feeling well. Advait, Shamsher, and Advait were afraid Nehmat would reveal them.

In the upcoming episode, Nehmat will choose to stay in Kapoor’s home in the future episode, saving the friendship between Naaz and Nikhil. Nehmat will be challenged by Naaz to back up her claims against Advait. Rupy will hear Nehmat mention that she can demonstrate the basement to her. Advait would accuse Nehmat of neglecting him in favor of Ekam on numerous occasions. Advait will be warned by Nehmat not to involve Ekam in this situation. Nehmat and Advait will dispute. Nehmat will assert that they both understand reality. Nehmat is traumatized and has hallucinations, according to Naaz. Nehmat will refute that.Advait says Nehmat falsely accused him to get back together with Ekam. He tells Rupy that Nehmat always adored Ekam and never acknowledged him as her spouse. She returned home while she was expecting, but now that the pregnancy is over, she wants to leave the house. Nehmat tells Advait to stop talking. Advait is warned by her not to involve Ekam in this. She yells that she wasn’t carrying a child. Naaz, however, claims that Nehmat suffered a serious shock and lost her composure. She tells a lie about Nehmat being pregnant, having a miscarriage, and being hospitalized, shocking Nehmat.


Nehmat believes that Naaz has betrayed her once more. Nehmat is asked by Naaz why she is falsely blaming Advait and Shamsher. She assures Nehmat that they won’t stand in the way of her going back to Ekam if she truly wants to. Nehmat cries out for Naaz to stop. She cautions Naaz not to involve Ekam in this.

Shamsher displays to Rupy a picture of the registration at the trauma center, where Nehmat’s name is listed. He asks Rupy to confirm it with Ekam, who searched their entire home. He claims that because Nehmat and his family are good people, he took no action against them. Advait dials the doctor’s house number. The doctor also exaggerates. Nehmat doesn’t acknowledge him.

He is known to Rupy as the medical professional who informed her that Nehmat was discharged. Rama claims that Nehmat’s trauma prevents her from being able to recognize her doctor. She is telling the truth, Nehmat tells Rupy, and she wasn’t pregnant. Naaz’s a family member, so Rupy wants her to be honest. Naaz fabricates Nehmat’s pregnancy. Nehmat tells Rupy to speak with Nikhil. She begs Nikhil to let her folks know she wasn’t expecting. Nikhil remembers what Shamsher said. While remaining silent, he mentally expresses regret to Nehmat. Nehmat is shocked by this. Nehmat informs Rupy and Satti that she was not pregnant and that no tragedy had occurred to her. She begs them to take her word for it.

She claims that she can take them to the location where they imprisoned her. She leads Satti and Rupy down to the basement. However, Nehmat is stunned when he enters the basement. Shamsher and Advait change the entire basement to prove Nehmat wrong. How will Nehmat prove herself now? Keep reading.

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