Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet Ranbir and Prachi can’t live without each other, still they are helpless due to their egos and differences. They have an unspoken longing between them. They love each other so much that their love keeps them alive. Ranbir doesn’t want to stay away from her, because that distance is making him apart from himself. He wishes to meet his Prachi and his daughter Panchi once. He yearns that Prachi returns in his life. He wonders why does he always see or imagine Prachi. He replies to himself that Prachi is a part of his soul, which can never get cut off. Ranbir and Prachi have a hit and miss at the mall. Panchi aka Khushi, their daughter will bring them together. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kaya informs Ranbir that she has bought the company where he used to work before. He asks her how did this happen overnight. She asks him to stop thinking and follow her. Prachi takes Khushi to some mall. Khushi gets confused seeing so many clothes. Prachi tells that there are many choices. Khushi tells that she liked a dress for Prachi. Prachi tells that she wants to buy clothes for Khushi. She asks her to select clothes for her. Khushi asks her to listen to her when she is like her mumma. Prachi asks the manager to help Khushi in shopping. Khushi tells that she will buy clothes for Prachi first. Kaya gets Ranbir to the same mall. Prachi and Ranbir feel each other. Khushi sees Prachi gone. She looks for Prachi. Kaya sees Ranbir gone. Prachi and Ranbir don’t see each other.


Prachi meets Kaya. She finds Kaya scolding someone and asks her if she is in a bad mood. Kaya tells that she likes Prachi and regards her a friend, but Prachi should remember this. She asks Prachi not to interrupt her word when she is talking to someone. Khushi finds Prachi crying and asks her to always smile. She tells that she will also cry if Prachi cries more. Prachi gets emotional hearing her.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet:

Ashok waits for Prachi in the office. Priya gets scared seeing him in the cabin. He asks did he make any mistake to come to his office. Priya apologizes to him. He asks her where is Prachi. She tells that Prachi didn’t come till now. He wants to know the reason. She tells that she will go and find out. She calls Prachi. Prachi is with Khushi in the mall. Prachi and Ranbir’s hide and seek goes on. Priya informs Prachi that Ashok has come, he is waiting for her.

Prachi apologizes that she will be late. Ashok forgives her. He tells that she can shop well and then come to office. She thanks him. He tells that he won’t like the loss in business, there is an important meeting. She tells that she reminded him about the meeting before. She assures that she will be there before the meeting time. She feels Ranbir is around. She wonders if she is thinking a lot about him. She limits her mind. Ranbir also controls his mind from thinking about Prachi. He decides to focus on his work. He sees Kaya selecting few dresses. Kaya rebukes a salesgirl.

Kaya tells the girl that there is a big difference between them. She asks her to remember that difference. She asks Ranbir what is he doing, they can discuss the meeting points. Ranbir tells that time is getting wasted, they can meet in the evening and discuss work. He also suggests her a dress. Kaya dislikes it and gets angry. He tells that he is just giving her a suggestion. Kaya asks him to give suggestion when she asks for it, she doesn’t need any help. Kaya goes to try a black dress. The girl asks Ranbir how does he tolerate Kaya. Ranbir tells that Kaya is his boss’ daughter.

She tells that she thought Kaya is his girlfriend. He jokes that its not his bad day, he can never date such a girl. He sees a cute little dress and thinks it will suit Khushi. He thinks to buy it for Khushi. The manager asks Prachi to go and see the dresses, her daughter has selected it. Prachi gets emotional seeing Khushi, who is her Panchi’s age. She goes to Khushi. Khushi finds her crying and consoles her. She doesn’t want her to cry. Prachi tells her about her Panchi, who was her happiness. Khushi asks her if she really has a daughter. She wants to meet her daughter.

She tells that Prachi should smile always. She wipes Prachi’s tears. Prachi hugs her. She thanks her and goes to see few dresses for Khushi. Khushi asks her to listen to her, because nobody listens to her. Prachi finds her stubborn. Khushi sweetly asks her to love her. She thanks Prachi for loving her as her daughter. Prachi thanks her for letting her love. Khushi tells her about Ranbir, who looks cute but talks a lot. She asks Prachi to go to the trial room. Kaya collides with a salesgirl. She scolds the girl for touching her. She sanitizes her hand. She gets rude and asks her to summon the manager. The girl apologizes to her. Prachi reaches there and finds Kaya scolding the girl.

She greets Kaya and asks her why is she scolding the girl so much. Kaya holds her hand and tells that she likes Prachi as her friend, but Prachi shouldn’t cross limits and interfere when she is talking to anyone. Kaya tells that she doesn’t like anyone’s interference. Prachi wonders what happened to her. The girl asks Prachi to stop Kaya from complaining about her. Prachi asks her to relax. The girl tells that she got negative vibes from Kaya. Khushi runs after Prachi to give her more options.

She gets to meet Ranbir there. He tells that they have a strong connection, she reaches wherever he goes. He asks her what is she doing in the mall. She asks him what is he doing, is he shopping for his mumma. Ranbir tells that he is helpless to come with someone. She tells that she came here with her mumma. He tells that Laali scolded her that day. Khushi tells that Laali is his Maai, someone else is his mumma. He calls her smart. They both share a laughter. He asks her why does she call him Ranbir Kapoor. She tells that he is cute like Ranbir Kapoor. She adds that her mumma is cute like Alia.

Ranbir tells that he understood. Khushi calls them similar to Shiv and Parvati. He tells that she talks so nice things, she reminds him of someone. He chooses a saree for Prachi. He asks her to ask her mumma to try this saree. She thanks him. He goes after Khushi when she drops the hanky. Khushi passes the clothes to Prachi and asks her to try it. Prachi tells that the door got locked. She asks Khushi to call someone for help. Ranbir reaches there to help Prachi. Prachi hears Ranbir’s voice and gets worried. She thinks if Ranbir is really there or not. She thanks him. He thinks she is Prachi. He asks her name. She gets silent.

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