Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Kanha finds Sayuri

Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Kanha finds Sayuri

Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Kanha finds Sayuri Whilst tracking Rashmi, Nakul, and Indrani discovered Sayuri’s photo with Vikrant. Kanha discovered her and hugged her before Rashmi could get rid of the infant. He explained everything to them before leaving to look for Sayuri.¬†Sayuri was carried by Vikrant to the same location where Sanchi was confined. Fai Ba warned him to leave the area, but he treated her nonetheless. He was there when Kanha came looking for him, but he managed to hide properly and get away. Sayuri was injected by Vikrant, but Sayuri returned the injection to Vikrant. Kanha was looking everywhere for Sayuri.¬†

Sayuri made an effort to talk to a guy, but her voice was ineffective. Vikrant blocked her from calling him when she did manage to do so. Vikrant is sure that nobody can track Suyari now. While he was about to pass out, Kanha was looking for Sayuri in the market. Before he could fall, Nakul caught him and brought him home. As he finally got out of bed, he was surprised to see Sayuri and Nakul with him. Fai Ba, who supplied Kanha with the information regarding Vikrant, was apprehended by the police.


Kanha explained to Kuku the adoption plan for her family. In the coming track, Vikrant drags Sanchi’s dead body and set it on fire in upcoming episodes. When Kanha asks a guy about Vikrant, the guy would respond that he recently observed the guy taking something with him. Kanha rushes to the jungle area to find Sayuri and Vikrant. Nakul and Kanha will approach the body. They are super shocked to see Vikrant lighting the fire. Will they save Sayuri on time? Will Sayuri’s prayers of getting help get fulfilled? How will Sayuri get saved from Vikrant’s evil? Keep reading.

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