Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Update Dragging

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Update Dragging

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Update Dragging Ranbir asks Prachi her name. He wonders what is he doing. She doesn’t answer him. He makes a leave. She wonders if Ranbir was there. She thinks she is hearing his voice and thinking of his presence all the time. She wants to hide from him. She doesn’t want to see him again. She also longs for him. She remembers the harsh past and gets angered. She can’t forgive him for the accusations he had posted on her. She weeps there. She doesn’t want to fall weak. She sits crying in the trial room. She tells that life has taken a turn, she can’t even see any way to come out of it. Aryan is upset to see Damini in the house.

Pallavi asks him can’t he believe it. Aryan tells that he didn’t expect her to come. Pallavi tells that Damini had come with her dad, Vikram and pandit are talking to her dad to fix the wedding date. Damini scares Aryan. Pallavi finds her really sweet and clean-hearted. Aryan knows her truth well. He stays silent. Pallavi tells that Damini came with her to the kitchen to know everyone’s likes and dislikes. She takes a glass of water for Dida. Aryan laughs against his will when he faces Damini.


Damini asks him to end this game. He tells that he didn’t do anything, she is pretending nice. She asks him to refuse for the marriage. He tells that she doesn’t want to marry, but she acted helpless that he rejected her. He wants to prove that he is a nice guy, she doesn’t want to marry him. They both warn each other. He tells that Damini or her boyfriend will stop the marriage. He doesn’t want anyone to use him. He tells that he will not refuse for the marriage. She asks what will he do if they get married. He tells that everyone will call him lucky to marry a doctor. He asks her to decide it soon and save her parents’ money.

Ranbir gives the hanky to Khushi. She asks hm about the clothes. He tells that he has given the clothes to her mumma. The salesgirl comes to help and open the door. Ranbir tells that if the staff knows about the damaged door, then they should have fixed it. Khushi finds him right. He asks her to see that pretty frock. He tells that its pretty like her. She asks him if he is taking it for his daughter. He tells that its for her. She likes it. He goes to attend a call. She checks the price tag and finds it too costly. She keeps the dress back. Ranbir observes her. He tells that he will buy the dress for her. Kaya calls him. He tells that he didn’t leave, else she would have killed him.

Prachi wears the saree chosen by Ranbir. Khushi compliments Prachi. She tells that she will make her meet Ranbir, he is also adorable, he loves her a lot. Khushi looks for Ranbir. Dida finds a mahurat for the marriage. Vikram asks her to let the pandit find the mahurat. Pallavi gives a ring to Damini as shagun. Pandit tells that the mahurat isn’t close. He asks them who told about the mahurat. Dida tells that she didn’t say anything. They ask her how did she say it. Dida denies it. She tells that they aren’t letting her say anything. She tells that she had ordered a dress online, its coming on Sunday, so she called Sunday an auspicious day. She clears their misunderstanding. Sahana calls Aryan.

She sheds tears. Manager asks Kaya to check the saree section if she has time. Kaya tells that he can’t force her to shop more. She goes away. Ranbir tells that he handles Kaya every day, its tough for him. He buys the dress for Khushi. He pays for the dress and goes to select sarees for his mum and Dida. Manager praises him that he is so soft-spoken. Prachi tells that they will select nice dresses for Khushi. She convinces Khushi to buy a dress. Khushi asks her to go and find Shiv/Ranbir, he is the cutest. Prachi likes the same dress which Ranbir has bought.

Manager tells that Ranbir has already bought it, she can go and speak to Ranbir for the dress. Prachi goes to meet Ranbir. She doesn’t see him. Ranbir gets to see Gautami and follows her. He doesn’t know about Gautami’s lie. Prachi spots Ranbir. She hides Gautami from Ranbir. She apologizes to her. Gautami asks why is she hiding from Ranbir. Prachi tells that Ranbir is her husband, but they are separated now, she doesn’t want him to know about her. She denies her love. Gautami tells that she can see her love for her husband. She prays that Prachi gets someone who soothes her heart.


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