Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Sayuri dead

Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Sayuri dead

Woh To Hai Albelaa 17th February 2023 Sayuri dead As soon as they arrive, Kanha and Nakul search the area for Sayuri. As one of them claims that they saw Vikrant going there, Kanha asks a few individuals about him. While Vikrant bids Sanchi farewell, Kanha makes an effort to locate him. When the body is burned, Vikrant says, “Now that you’re free, let’s meet when I get there.” Kanha believes he has Vikrant, but he sees someone else. He accepts Kanha and Nakul’s regrets. Kanha claims that she is concerned for Sayuri and is experiencing terrible emotions. Vikrant may not have hurt her, adds Nakul, because you claimed that he is a psycho. Kanha sobs as she sits down, wondering where Sayuri is.

Kanha is instructed by Nakul to trust his gut. He claims that if you ask your heart for answers, you will discover why you’ve always felt Sayuri is still alive. Kanha becomes inspired. It is, according to Vikrant, the happiest day of his life. Both Kanha and Nakul receive calls from Rashmi. You should inform Kanha of Sayuri’s passing, advises Rashmi. She is reprimanded by Nakul for being so direct. He claims that because my brother has always been there for me, he is OK and that I should follow him. Rashmi returns his call. Nakhul declines. He claims that Ram lost Sita ji and that he needs Laxman, and he wants to be with Kanha.


Sayuri shouldn’t damage her life, Rashmi says. She fears when she sees Saroj. No sounds are heard by Saroj. Rashmi sits while sobbing. Saroj arrives to soothe her. According to Kanha, the cops have some evidence and are calling us. Rashmi expresses concern for all of you, especially Kanha, and states that she feels as though the house is falling apart. She hopes Sayuri returns soon. We all desire that says Saroj; don’t worry; Krishna ji will make it happen. Rashmi is told by Saroj to concentrate on Arjun. Rashmi concurs. She’s urged not to cry by Saroj. When Kanha and Nakul arrive at a location, the police alert them about the discovery of a dead body. Inspector claims he thinks it’s Sayuri. Kanha is disturbed.

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