Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s mystery

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update Kaya's mystery

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s mystery Ranbir meets Laali. He makes a special request to her. He is too concerned for Khushi. He doesn’t know his relationship with Khushi. Still, he feels a strong connection with her. Ranbir asks Laali not to scold Khushi when the latter comes home. He suggests that Laali talks to her daughter with love. Laali asks him if Khushi is her daughter or him. She tells that she will decide if she has to scold Khushi or talk with love.

He tells that Khushi is a little kid, who deserves love. Laali tells that they are poor people, they need money, not any lecture on love. She adds that everyone in their world is a stranger, Khushi is her world and she is Khushi’s word. She asks him not to trouble her. She tells that he can seem affectionate towards Khushi, but it doesn’t matter to her. She makes it clear to him that Khushi’s world has no place for anyone. She doesn’t want anyone to enter her small world and take away Khushi. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t have any intention to snatch Khushi from her.


On the other side, Kaya gets panicking when she spots a mysterious person following her. The black hoodie man seems to be connected to Kaya’s past. Kaya isn’t happy with her past. It gets evident by her terrified behavior, which Ranbir isn’t able to decode. Who is the mysterious person returning to Kaya’s present from her gruesome past? What pain does Kaya hide behind her anger? And what role will she play in Ranbir’s life? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s mystery:

Ranbir finds Kaya panicking. He asks her if is she okay. He tells that he won’t ask her again. He apologizes. She asks him to drive fast and guides him in the directions. She wants him to speed up the car. He asks her why is she so tense. She asks him to stop the car. He tells her that he can take her to the doctor if she wants. The hoodie man drives ahead of her car. She gets scared. He asks her to relax. She tells that she is okay. He finds her crying and shaking in fear. She asks for water. He gives her some money. He cares for Kaya. He asks if he can drive now. She asks him to drive fast. He thinks there is something that changed her entire personality. He wonders what’s the matter with her.

Prachi tells Dadi that she is making delicious and healthy things for Khushi. Dadi can see her happiness. Prachi tells that she is happy because Dadi and Sahana have come. She asks which cake should she make. Dadi asks her to make a chocolate cake for Khushi. Prachi tells that it’s her favorite too. She admits that she is feeling joyful within, when she sees Khushi, she feels connected to her, and she gets peace and motherly emotions. Dadi can see her feelings on her face. Prachi tells that she feels like hugging Panchi when she hugs Khushi. She isn’t able to express her feelings. She tells that Khushi has filled the emptiness in her heart and life.

Prachi tells that she just wants to hug Khushi. She weeps while expressing herself. She tells that she had sunk herself in work to divert her mind, she used to work all day, she used to feel depressed when she used to stay alone, and she just cared for work, but she left work today because of Khushi. She tells that Khushi is her Panchi. She feels that Khushi is like her daughter. She doesn’t want to cry. She tells that she had seen many little girls of Panchi’s age, but Khushi is special, she feels a connection with her. Dadi consoles Prachi.

She tells that Prachi has a relationship of the soul with Khushi because the girl calls Prachi her mumma. Prachi gets her hand burnt while cooking. Dadi asks Prachi to come with her. Khushi and Sahana run to Prachi and show their concern. Khushi gets some cold water for Prachi’s burn relief. Prachi gets happy to get Khushi’s care. Khushi tells that she doesn’t like to see Prachi hurt. Prachi tells that Khushi has disappeared her pain. Khushi tells that she will become a doctor when she grows up. Kaya checks if the hoodie man is following her again.

Ranbir looks behind to know what she is looking at. Ranbir drops her at the hotel. He asks her to listen to him. He is sure that there is some problem. He asks her to share the problem. She calls him a big problem. She tells that he doesn’t know good driving. She spoils his mood. He feels upset that he left Khushi because of Kaya. He goes to Khushi’s flower stall to find out if Khushi has come back. Prachi feeds the fried to Khushi, who likes it a lot. Prachi takes care of Khushi. Sahana tells Dadi that Panchi would have been like Khushi, Prachi couldn’t spend a single day with her daughter, so Prachi is showering love on Khushi. She compliments Prachi that she is the best mumma.

Prachi asks Khushi to call Sahana her Maasi. Khushi gets upset because she doesn’t have any relations in her life. Sahana asks Khushi to call her Maasi, because she is Prachi’s sister. Prachi gets a work call. Dadi and Sahana ask Khushi why did she get sad. Khushi tells that she doesn’t have anyone in her life, she just has her Maai, she didn’t see her dad ever. She tells her sobbing tale. She adds that she misses a father in her life. She sheds tears. Prachi tells them that she has some important work in her office, and she has to go. Khushi asks her to take her along.

Prachi decides to drop her home. Ranbir meets a flower vendor. He asks about Khushi. The man tells him that Khushi would be at home today. Ranbir asks directions for to Khushi’s home. He doesn’t know if he worries for Khushi or if is he just missing her. He tells that he got attached to Khushi, she is really lovely, and he has some connection with her for sure. He goes to Khushi’s house and meets Laali. He asks her if Khushi is at home. Laali tells that Khushi has gone with a rich lady for shopping.

He asks her to explain to Khushi to not go with any strangers. He advises her to not scold Khushi, and to talk to her with love. She asks him if Khushi is her daughter or his daughter. She tells that she will decide how to raise her child. She adds that they don’t need any lecture, but money, she is okay if someone wants to buy clothes for Khushi. She asks him to keep his observation to himself, everyone is a stranger to them, Khushi is her world and she is Khushi’s world.

Prachi reaches Khushi’s house and drops her off. Ranbir gives his number and asks Laali to call him when Khushi comes back. He makes a leave and doesn’t see Prachi getting Khushi there. Laali pretends to love Khushi in front of Prachi. Prachi tells that it’s her mistake to take Khushi with her. She asks Laali not to scold Khushi. Laali tells that she was worried for Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi is really lovely. She gives the clothes she bought for Khushi. Laali thanks her. Prachi tells Khushi that she will meet her again. Khushi asks her to always smile. Prachi experiences a strange sorrow when she departs from there.

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