Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update High point

Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update High point

Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update High point Anjali catches Preeta at the knifepoint. She makes sure that Preeta leaves Arjun’s life. She threatens to kill Preeta if anyone dares to come ahead. Rishabh asks Anjali to leave Preeta. Even Karan is worried for his wife Preeta, who he dearly loves and trusts. Preeta has made Karan convinced that she didn’t move on in her life without him. Rishabh and Preeta cleared Karan’s every misunderstanding. That’s the reason Anjali grows insecure about losing Arjun and takes this extreme step.

Anjali further shows her madness to them. She states that every relationship has an expiry date, and Arjun has already given many years of his life to Preeta. She asks him to name the rest of his life to her. She tells him that she wants to get Arjun. Arjun asks her did she go mad. Anjali harms Preeta by stabbing her. Rakhi, Karan and Rishabh shout on Anjali. They get worried when Preeta screams in pain. Did Anjali harm Preeta or cut her wrist to commit suicide? Will Anjali spare Preeta’s life? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update High point:

Preeta says that she is getting angry with Karan. He tells that she always gets angry, she always shouts at him, and she doesn’t love him. She tells that he deserves this, she won’t keep his belongings, and she isn’t responsible to preserve his things. He sadly hugs her and weeps. He asks her to calm down. He asks why she gets so much angry with him. She asks him to never leave her. He tells them that he will never leave her, he will be with her until he dies. He asks her not to make this mistake again. He wants her to express her love toward him. They share an emotional moment.

Meanwhile, Rishabh reaches the family. He learns whatever has occurred. Anjali asks him if he doesn’t know why Preeta has married Arjun. He tells that he is respecting her because she is a girl. He asks her not to cross limits. He doesn’t want to tolerate any word against Preeta. He tells that she can’t insult Preeta. She asks him why did he let Preeta and Arjun’s marriage happen for his business’ sake when he loves Preeta. He tells that she can’t understand relations, it’s not any balance sheet. He explains that his relationship with Preeta is pure, and Anjali can never understand it.

Anjali asks Rishabh how long will he do this acting that Preeta and he are the best people on the earth. She tells that Rakhi is the Mother India. Karan and Preeta come downstairs. They find Anjali accusing Rishabh and Rakhi. Karan asks her to stop it. Anjali calls them a bunch of selfish people. Karan asks her not to speak anything against them, they are his own family, Mahesh is his dad, Rakhi is his mum and Rishabh is his brother. The Luthras get glad when Karan accepts his identity. Anjali asks Arjun if he had forgotten what Rishabh and Preeta did with him.

She asks him if his family knows about Rishabh and Preeta’s crime. She shouts that Rishabh and Preeta had killed Karan. The Luthras receive a huge shock. Rishabh asks Anjali did she lose her mind. Anjali accuses Rishabh and Preeta of killing Karan because they loved each other, they wanted to get married. Rishabh gets angry at her. He asks if would he kill his brother. Mahesh stops him. Preeta asks Anjali isn’t she ashamed to say such wrong things. The family cries on knowing the misunderstanding that Karan kept on his mind. Preeta asks Karan how can he think that this can be true.

She asks him what he think about them. Karan tells that Rishabh and Preeta had pushed him down the cliff. Rishabh and Preeta cry when Karan accuses them. Rishabh asks Karan why he punished all of them. He tells that Karan didn’t tell them the real identity because of this misunderstanding. He shouts that Mahesh and Rakhi died every day for him, and Preeta loved him so much and waited for him. He asks Karan how did he lose faith in them. Karan tells that he had seen Rishabh and Preeta himself when he was falling down the cliff. Rishabh finds a way to clear the misunderstanding, that had ruined their relations. He tells that he didn’t attend the wedding because he wanted to find out the secret, he wanted Karan to admit that he is Karan.

Mahesh tells that he asked Rishabh to hire a detective and find out Arjun’s truth. Rishabh tells that he had asked the detective to find out the past secrets. He reveals that he got proof to show him. He asks Sameer to get the laptop. He tells that a couple had worn ditto clothes like Preeta and him on that party night. He shows them the footage of the couple who had tricked Karan and tried to kill him. He asks Karan did he see the truth. He clears Karan’s mind. He asks Karan to look at Preeta and him. He asks if they can cheat him and try to kill him. Karan feels sorry. Arjun throws the laptop away. She calls the video fake.

Rishabh asks Anjali if they should believe her. Preeta tells that it’s not a fake video. Anjali tells that they are fooling Arjun. Kareena tells that they aren’t lying, it’s the truth. Bani asks Anjali just to leave, and Arjun will see if they are telling the truth or playing a game with him. Preeta tells that it’s their matter, Anjali doesn’t belong to their family, and Karan will decide what’s the truth and what’s a lie. Anjali tells that they are pretending to be Arjun’s family. Karan tells that it’s his family, he loves his family, and it’s his relations that are made by blood.

He has learned the truth that Rishabh and Preeta didn’t try to kill him. He shouts that he is the Karan Luthra and that he loves his family a lot. Rishabh and Sameer hug Karan with love. The entire family cries out with happiness. They were yearning for this moment. Rakhi hugs Karan. Mahesh slaps Karan angrily. Karan cries and hugs him. He holds Preeta’s hand and tells them that he is her Karan. Preeta knew it already. They share a hug. Anjali blames Preeta for trapping Arjun in her conspiracy. She asks Arjun how can he come in Preeta’s words. She reminds Arjun what wrong Preeta did with him.

Karan tells that Preeta didn’t do anything wrong, she had supported the truth, he had done wrong, he had created many problems for his own family, and he should apologize to them. Rakhi asks him not to say sorry. Karan apologizes to Preeta. He tells that Preeta had realized he is Karan and that’s the reason she agreed to marry him, she can’t become of anyone else when she just loves him. Anjali can’t see them happy. She picks a fruit knife. She catches Preeta and threatens of harming her. Karan asks Anjali not to make this mistake. Anjali tells that Preeta has snatched her Arjun. She calls Preeta a cheat. The family asks Anjali to leave Preeta free. Rakhi asks Anjali to stop her madness, Arjun is their Karan.

They tell Anjali that Karan is Preeta’s husband and Kavya’s father. Anjali asks Rishabh to apologize to her. Karan asks why would Rishabh say sorry when he didn’t do anything. Rishabh apologizes to Anjali. He asks her to leave Preeta. Anjali tells that they love Preeta a lot, and she hates Preeta equally. She asks Arjun why is Preeta his weakness, why he loves her so much, why can’t he get over Preeta, and why doesn’t his relation with Preeta expire. She asks Arjun to marry her. Anjali angrily harms Preeta. Karan asks Anjali what she wants. He asks her to put the knife down. She asks him to promise that he will always live with her. Karan snatches the knife from her hand. He slaps her to bring her to senses.

This is a pre-episode release post, covering only the preview update of the show Kundali Bhagya. It will be updated as soon as the episode for 20th February 2023 airs on Zee5. Keep checking this space for the latest updates on your favorite shows.


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