Imlie 20th February 2023 Written Update Divorce

Imlie 20th February 2023 Written Update Divorce

Imlie 20th February 2023 Written Update Divorce Atharv checks the divorce papers. He feels terrible. He can’t imagine his life without Imlie. Chini manipulates him. She gets to see the divorce papers. She questions him. He tells that he is freeing Imlie. She asks him if he has lost all hope to work on their relationship. He feels Imlie doesn’t love him and deserves someone better. She asks him to free Imlie by divorcing her if he feels his decision is right. She knows Imlie loves him but doesn’t tell him. She advises him to end the marriage soon if he made up his mind.

Atharv is afraid to hand over the papers to Imlie. He tells that Imlie will leave him forever. He wants to keep this feeling intact that she is with him. He meets Imlie, who is hiding Chini’s truth from him. She finds him disturbed. He can’t ruin her life and hurt her more by stopping her back. He asks her if she will forget him when she goes away. She replies that she can never forget him. He doesn’t want to give her the papers. She asks him if he will take care of himself in her absence.


He tells them that he will do as she wants. Chini wants to see Imlie’s reaction to the divorce papers. She finds Atharv leaving Imlie’s room with the papers in his hand. She learns that he didn’t give the papers to Imlie. Atharv keeps the papers in his cupboard. Chini steals the papers and passes them to Imlie without coming into her sight. Imlie is shattered to know Atharv’s decision of divorcing her. She wants to know why Atharv wants to get separated when they are friends. She wonders if he left the papers for her outside the door.

She wants to question him. Atharv asks Chini about the divorce papers. She tells him that she had passed the papers to Imlie. He asks her why did she interfere when he had decided to give the papers at the right time. Chini justifies that she took this step for Atharv and Imlie’s sake. She tells that Imlie will not suffer now. She lies to him. He gets convinced that she has done this for Imlie’s betterment. Later, Atharv and Imlie sit for a sensible talk. She asks him why is he upset when he has decided to divorce her. He congratulates her that finally, her babysitting is over, he had been kiddish and it was tough for her to handle him.

He expresses that he isn’t happy but wants to make her away. He feels something is wrong. He tells them that she should go away from him when she is getting a chance. She tells that it’s difficult for her to leave the family. He asks her to speak the truth if it’s easy to leave him and go. She asks him to accept the truth that he loves her. He tells that he knows she loves him, and that’s the reason she is sad. He requests her to stay back. Their wonderful moments are just their thoughts. They both miss each other. They are mistaken about their feelings for each other. He feels she doesn’t love him. Imlie is certain that he doesn’t love her.

Atharv is ready to shatter to give her freedom. He decides not to stop her. Chini wishes their story ends forever when Imlie signs the divorce papers. Atharv speaks to his family about his divorce decision. Arpita learns that Atharv is divorcing Imlie. Atharv waits for Imlie to sign the papers. Imlie decides to stay back.


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