Pandya Store Imlie Spoilers Major track change Promo

Pandya Store Imlie Spoilers Major track change Promo

Pandya Store Imlie Spoilers Major track change Promo Gautam gets into an argument with a customer. Shiva asks the man not to hurt Gautam. He rages at the man. Gautam is happy to see Shiva assisting him at the store like before. Shweta brings Chutki home. She hands over Chutki to the Pandyas. Rishita gets super emotional seeing Natasha. Suman hugs Natasha. She says that she felt Natasha is their Chutki. Gautam asks Rishita to give some time to Chutki and explain to her gradually that she is her mom.

Natasha tells Rishita that she doesn’t like her, Rishita is a bad aunty, and she scolds all the kids. Shweta asks Rishita to not get upset. Suman asks Natasha to behave well with Rishita. Suman and Dhara welcome Chutki in the family. The kids return home and find Suman showering love on Natasha. They wonder what’s happening. Shesh gets mischievous. Dhara asks them to go out and play because Suman has punished them. She advises them to play with Natasha. Dhara summons Krish and Prerna home, to inform them that Krish isn’t divorced till now. How will this news shock Prerna?



Imlie decides to expose Chini. She tests Chini’s patience. She realizes that Chini wants Atharv and her to get divorced. Imlie fakes memory loss. She wants to pretend she has lost her memory, to bring Chini’s truth to the family. Imlie tells Atharv that she remembers they had got married a day before and now they shall get ready to perform the post-marriage rituals. Atharv is confused but happy that Imlie isn’t leaving his life. Chini’s big conspiracy will fail when Imlie plays her next move. Imlie gears up to fail Chini’s every evil plan. The family believes that Imlie has lost her memory, and doesn’t talk about the divorce in front of her. They try to keep the lie to protect Imlie from any shock. How will Imlie expose Chini? Keep reading.


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