Ghum Hai Kisikey 21st February 2023 Written Update Sai’s entry

Ghum Hai Kisikey 21st February 2023 Written Update Sai's entry

Ghum Hai Kisikey 21st February 2023 Written Update Sai’s entry Sai reaches the Chavan’s house with Savi. She tells the shocked family that she didn’t come to snatch her son. Pakhi is all in tears, after accusing Sai of Vinayak’s anger. Sai tells that she has come to end the poison from her son’s heart, and then she will leave forever. She wants to see who can stop her from doing this. Pakhi asks Virat why is he standing silent. She urges him to do something and stop Sai. She tells them that he should ask Sai to leave their house right away. She goes to throw Sai’s bags outside, but Virat surprisingly stops Pakhi while taking Sai’s side. Pakhi is astonished by his behavior. Sai explains that her motive isn’t to separate Vinayak from Pakhi, but to win his love.

Chavans are shocked when Sai returns to them. Savi hugs Virat with love. The family is happy to meet Savi. Savi surprises Virat. She tells that she has made their happy family picture. Savi tells that she got to know the truth, that Virat is her real father and Vinayak is her brother. She tells that she realized their relationship. Virat tells that she is Savi Chavan. He happily hugs his daughter. Pakhi doesn’t want Sai to manipulate them by using Savi. The family welcomes Savi. Pakhi tries to keep Savi away from Vinayak. Savi goes to meet him and tell him that she is his sister. Pakhi begins accusing Sai. She tells that Sai had deliberately told the truth to Savi. Pakhi asks Sai if she had come to snatch her son. Virat doesn’t care who told the truth to Savi. He is glad that he doesn’t need to lie to Savi again.


Pakhi tells that she doesn’t want Sai’s presence to scare Vinayak. She adds that Vinayak is in trauma, because Sai had hurt him a lot. She calls Sai a bad influence for her son. Sai calls it enough. She doesn’t want Pakhi to blame her. She accuses Pakhi for traumatizing Vinayak. She tells that Pakhi had instilled the fear in Vinayak’s heart. She calls Pakhi a bad mother, because Pakhi had kidnapped Vinayak and scared him. She asks him to admit the truth. She tells that Pakhi had told the truth to Vinayak and filled poison in his mind against his mother.

She accuses Pakhi for hurting Vinayak and spoiling his childhood. She states that she didn’t come to snatch her son, but to end his bitterness. She wants to clean the poison from his mind, so that his mental health doesn’t suffer. She wants to give a better life to her children. She tells that she will leave the house when she removes the fake fears from his mind. Pakhi calls her shameless. She insults Sai for her dare. She asks Virat to throw out Sai. She tells that she will expel Sai from their house if Virat doesn’t take a stand. Virat fumes in rage when Pakhi humiliates Sai. He stops Pakhi.

Furthermore, Savi meets Vinayak. He is happy to see her. He tells her that he missed her a lot. He apologizes to her that he didn’t stay in touch. She tells him that she has come to stay in the Chavan house forever. He is glad. She reveals that they are real siblings, and Virat is her real dad. He is shocked to hear this truth. She asks him to just be joyful that they are siblings. She tells that Sai has come to stay with them. Vinayak gets scared. She asks him why does he hate Sai when he used to love her before. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai will stay in their house. Pakhi asks him what is he saying. Virat doesn’t want to lose his daughter. He wants Savi to stay with him. He tells that Savi deserves the family’s love.

Pakhi raises an objection. Virat’s decision can ruin many lives, fears Pakhi. Virat also realizes that the family will lose the name when Sai stays with them, but he wants Savi to stay with the family. He tells that he wants both his children. He doesn’t let Pakhi break his family. Pakhi questions his intentions when he calls Sai his family. Pakhi tells him that she will take Vinayak with her and leave the house, and this time nobody can stop her. She decides to keep Sai away from Vinayak. Virat explains to Pakhi to let Sai stay with them. Pakhi fears of losing Virat and Vinayak. Virat promises that Sai won’t snatch Vinayak.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin airs on Hotstar at 6.00 AM IST. Keep checking this space for a full update.


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