Woh To Hai Albelaa Spoilers Sayuri’s suicide

Woh To Hai Albelaa Spoilers Sayuri's suicide

Woh To Hai Albelaa Spoilers Sayuri’s suicide attempt 21st February 2023 Kanha and Sayuri make a plan to expose Vikrant. Sayuri fools Vikrant by pretending to love him. She tells him that they can stay as they want. Vikrant asks if they can remain as a honeymoon couple. He is glad that she is doing this by her will. She says that she will try to keep him happy. He hugs her. He plays a song. Sayuri dances for Vikrant, while she sees Kanha coming. Her plan flops. Vikrant sees Kanha entering his house. He doesn’t want Kanha to reach them. Kanha tries to reach Sayuri. Vikrant catches Sayuri.

He asks her not to scream. He tells them that he is brilliant and that he won’t let Kanha find her. He adds that he is her hero and villain too. Kanha finally traces Sayuri. Sayuri awaits Kanha’s arrival for her rescue. She had tried her best to distract Vikrant by fulfilling his wishes but failed. Vikrant tells her that he won’t lose her. He tells her that Kanha left without putting much effort to find her. He asks her to shout as much as she wants. Sayuri refuses to accept Vikrant’s love.


She tells that she is just of her Krishna/Kanha. He challenges her that she will stay happily with him. Vikrant warns Sayuri that Kanha can’t stop their union during the next auspicious time He tells them that even she shouldn’t attempt to get away from him. Sayuri feels unsafe with Vikrant. Sayuri tells that she will kill herself if Vikrant comes close to her. She thinks that’s the only way to get rid of Vikrant’s madness. She picks a knife and gets into a dilemma. Kanha tries hard to find Sayuri. Can Kanha locate Sayuri and save her in time? Keep reading.


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