Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Disturbing

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Disturbing

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update Disturbing Ranbir thanks Laali for accepting his help. She rebukes him for his kindness. She asks him if he wants Khushi to leave work and go to study, how will they earn money and make a living. She tells that she is using Khushi’s innocent face to sell the flowers, people buy the flowers only because she looks sweet. He asks him to go, she can’t send Khushi to any school, Khushi’s work is to just sell flowers. She ill-treats Khushi and makes her work more. Ranbir feels sorry for Khushi. Dadi and Sahana wait for Prachi. Sahana tells that Prachi will come soon. Dadi tells that she has something on her mind.

Prachi comes home from the office. Sahana tells that Dadi is waiting for Prachi for a long time. Prachi asks Dadi if is she okay. Dadi is okay but wants Prachi to share why is she worried. Prachi tells that she is worried about an office colleague. Dadi asks her what is it. Prachi tells that Payal works in some other office in her building, and they meet sometimes in the common area, she was crying today. Dadi tells that Payal will handle herself or ask for Prachi’s help if she wants. Prachi tells that she will meet Laali tomorrow and pray that she gets Khushi. Dadi is excited on hearing this.


On the other hand, Pallavi accuses Dida of supporting Ranbir. Dida tells that she doesn’t know anything. Pallavi asks her to tell her everything. Dida tells that she knows as much as Pallavi knows. Ranbir comes home. They ask him did he talk to Laali about the adoption. He tells that he went to meet Laali, but he couldn’t talk to her about adoption. He decides to adopt Khushi. He tells them that he had witnessed it there. He got more certain that he should bring Khushi to his house. He adds that Laali was scolding Khushi and making her work, she didn’t appear like Khushi’s real mother. He regrets that Khushi is badly stuck.

He tells them what he has seen there, Laali was beating Khushi, and she was ill-treating Khushi. He wants to do anything to get Khushi home. He tells that Khushi is just a means of earning for Laali. He has seen that Laali doesn’t have motherly love for Khushi. Dida and Pallavi say that they already knew this. They ask him to do something to save Khushi from such a bad life. He wants to plan everything legally. He tells that if Laali knows about the adoption, then she will ask for money and take an advantage of this situation. He tells that he will speak to his lawyer.

Pallavi asks him to bring Khushi before anyone else tries to adopt her. Prachi comes to meet Khushi and surprises her. Khushi tells that she likes to wear her torn clothes, but she can’t wear the costly dresses, because she wants to buy a costly saree for Laali. Prachi tells that she will get it for Laali. Khushi asks her not to feel bad. Prachi stitches Khushi’s torn dress. Khushi feels her love. She asks Prachi if she will stay with her forever. Prachi grows emotional. She asks Khushi if will she like it if they stayed together. Khushi tells that she wants to be with Prachi forever. Prachi hugs her.

Moreover, Prachi meets Laali and her lover. She realizes that they aren’t Khushi’s parents. Laali asks Khushi to go to Juhi’s mum and get the flower delivery address. She sends Khushi to work. Khushi feels sad to depart. Laali asks Prachi what’s the matter. Prachi tells that she likes Khushi a lot, she wants to raise Khushi and give her a good life, and she wants to adopt Khushi. She tells Laali that she had a daughter, Panchi. She adds that she lost Panchi a day after her birth. She tells that she had tried hard to forget the sorrow.

She met Khushi and felt that she has a relationship with Khushi. She admits that she finds her Panchi in Khushi. She wants to get Khushi with her. Laali tells that Prachi wants to adopt Khushi. She feels Khushi is in demand. She tells that someone else had come too to say the same thing. She asks Prachi to give some time to her, she will think and let her know. Prachi clears that she wants Khushi. Laali tells that she can’t give an instant reply. She asks Prachi to leave. Prachi sadly leaves. Laali and her lover decide to give away Khushi for money and then settle in their lives. Khushi returns home. Laali instructs her on the work. Prachi gets a huge shock when some girl gets hit by her car.


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