Udaariyaan 23rd February 2023 Advait Naaz target Nehmat

Udaariyaan 23rd February 2023 Advait Naaz target Nehmat

Udaariyaan 23rd February 2023 Advait Naaz target Nehmat Advait and Shamsher are happy to get the news of the election results. The media reaches Advait’s house. Nikhil is still disturbed. Nehmat calls him. He doesn’t talk to her. He messages her that he will talk to her later. Nehmat receives some gifts from Advait. Sandhus see the news. They soon learn that the final counting is going on, Advait will win, and his name will be announced at any time. Shamsher gets the good news that Advait has won the elections. The party celebrates their victory. Shamsher hugs Advait happily. Naaz wants Nikhil to stay silent. She knows nobody will listen to Nehmat now. She dances with the Kapoors.

Advait addresses the media. Nikhil doesn’t want to be with him. He feels helpless. Sandhus get the news of Advait’s victory in the elections. Nehmat loses her mind when she sees Shamsher and Advait celebrating. Swaroop congratulates the family that Advait has become MLA. Advait tells the people that he has reached this point with the people’s support. He thanks them. He sheds some fake tears and tells that he is missing his wife Nehmat. He tells the media that Nehmat isn’t with him, despite supporting him in the weak phase.


He regrets that he couldn’t save his child. Nehmat gets mad in anger. She can’t tolerate Advait’s statements. Advait tells that he will celebrate his victory when his wife is with him. Shamsher likes his smartness. Advait knows Nehmat is watching the news. Nehmat hates him. He tells that he knows Nehmat is watching him on the tv right now, so he wants to appeal to her to come back home. Swaroop believes him. Rupy finds Nehmat unable to control her anger. She angrily breaks the TV.

She tells them that Advait is lying, he has just used her, and he never treated her as a wife. She breaks her mangal sutra. She tells that Kapoors are frauds. The family cries for Nehmat. She asks them if they don’t believe her. Nikhil calls Nehmat. Swaroop takes the call and informs that Nehmat isn’t well. He tells that he has to talk to Nehmat. Rupy and Satti try to calm down Nehmat.

Nehmat tells that she supported his lie to save the relationship, but he lied again. Rupy and Satti give her a sleeping pill. He hugs Nehmat and says that they will see him, and they will get punished. Naaz wants Nehmat to be assumed mentally unstable. She doesn’t want her marriage to come under threat. Rupy and Satti cry for Nehmat. Renuka fixes Ekam’s wedding date. She announces his engagement. Naaz gets the news of Nehmat’s anger to vent out. She is more than happy. She suggests that they take Nehmat to the psychiatrist.

Sandhus discuss the Nehmat’s mental state. Rupy tells that he can’t believe that Nehmat has a mental condition. He feels bad. He tells the family that he wants the family to support Nehmat. Swaroop doesn’t think that Naaz would like Nehmat. She asks Rupy to take Nehmat to the doctor. She also feels that Nehmat has lost her child. Rupy and Satti decide to lie to Nehmat and take her to the psychiatrist. Ekam tells Renuka that he will fulfill the commitment to Harleen. She wants to see him happy. He wants her happiness. Naaz wants Nehmat to reach the psychiatrist. She decides to prove her mentally unstable.


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