Ghum Hai Kisikey 23rd February 2023 Written Update Sai’s accident

Ghum Hai Kisikey 23rd February 2023 Written Update Sai's accident

Ghum Hai Kisikey 23rd February 2023 Written Update Sai’s accident Pakhi doesn’t want to shelter Sai in the house, but she fails to stop Sai from living in the outhouse because of Bhavani. Pakhi takes care of Vinayak. She asks him to open the door for her, she has come alone and Sai isn’t around. Vinayak feels scared of Sai. He tells that he doesn’t want to go anywhere with Sai. Pakhi promises that nobody will take him away from her. He tells that even Virat promised, but didn’t keep it. He fears that he will lose his family. Pakhi grows emotional. She asks Vinayak to trust him. He is so scared that he imagines Sai there. Pakhi tries to help Vinayak and calm his fear. He refuses to have the food.

He remains inside the tent. Pakhi feels sorry for her son. She tells Aai that she can’t see Vinayak in such a condition. She is upset that Virat isn’t being considerate of their son’s sorrow. She asks Aai to speak to Virat and convince him. Bhavani surprisingly makes the food for Sai and Savi. Virat is surprised to see her preparing the food for Sai and Savi. He least expected this. He tells that he is surprised by her gesture. She tells that she has accepted Savi as her granddaughter. She wants to take care of Savi well. She tells that she doesn’t want to prove her love to anyone. She adds that she loves Virat’s children.


Savi wants to help her real parents Virat and Sai. She takes care of Sai. Sai asks her to eat the food she had ordered. She explains to her. Virat gets the food for them. Savi tells that she will have the food with her dad. He asks her to have homemade food. Savi tells that Sai had ordered the chaat for her. Virat remembers Sai’s joke. He shares the memories of Sai with Savi. Virat and Sai get nostalgic. Sai asks Savi to just have the food. Savi asks her to patch up with Virat.

Sai tells that she can never forgive Virat. Virat is still hopeful when he sees a glimpse of his old Sai in her. He returns home. He doesn’t sit to dine with the family. Pakhi asks him if he had the food at Sai’s house. She tells that Sai would take Vinayak by convincing him. He tells that Savi had made him have the food, and she was upset to stay in the outhouse. Pakhi asks him to just think of Vinayak, who is in trauma. She tells that Vinayak is hiding inside a tent. Virat tells her that Vinayak is Sai and his son. Pakhi gets upset that he is trying to convince the family to accept Sai.

She learns that Bhavani had sent the food for Sai and Savi. She turns hugely disappointed. Aai asks Pakhi not to suspect the family’s intentions. She tells that she will always support Pakhi, even if she has to go against Bhavani. Sai calls Pakhi, after seeing a video. Pakhi tells that Vinayak is in trauma, because of his fear of Sia. She doesn’t want Vinayak to suffer because of their fights. She can’t see her son living a suffocated life.

She pleads with Sai to go away for Vinayak’s happiness. Sai doesn’t listen to her. She tells that she will remove the poison which Pakhi has filled in his heart against his mother. She wants to clear his mind. Pakhi is angered that Sai rejected her plea. Sai goes to meet Virat to file a complaint, but she finds him having a moment with Pakhi during the lunch hour. Pakhi lectures her and ousts her from Virat’s cabin, asking her to come later for the official work. She shows Sai her place. Virat feels upset. Next on the track is Sai’s accident. Is Pakhi behind the accident? Keep reading.


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