Kumkum Bhagya Epic Spoiler Prachi accuses Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Epic Spoiler Prachi accuses Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya Epic Spoiler Prachi accuses Ranbir Prachi has put accusations against Ranbir, while supporting her friend Payal. She rebukes him for taking advantage of a helpless girl. She tells that he can’t do wrong with Payal or anyone else. Ranbir tries hard to prove his innocence, but nobody believes him. Ranbir tells Prachi that she will regret it a lot when she finds Payal’s truth. He tells that Payal is lying, he will not accept the crime when he is innocent. Payal has falsely accused him for some reason. Her motives will be known in the coming track.

Ranbir was with Khushi at the time when Payal had claimed his crime. Ranbir asks Prachi how can she believe Payal when she knows him well. Prachi has no faith in him. Ranbir tells that he expects her to stand by him. He asks her why is she doing this, why is she getting punished, is she taking revenge on him for the past. She tells that she isn’t taking any revenge, but supporting the truth. She adds that its perspective, he may think anything he wants, Payal is doing what she thinks is right and the police will do what they find right.


She wants to support the truth. He tells that Payal is lying. She tells that Payal isn’t lying, she is a girl who can’t put her respect at stake. He asks her why didn’t she tell him when she was alive. She doesn’t want to repeat it again and again. He is heartbroken that she isn’t trusting him. He finds her changed. He isn’t able to understand why is she blaming him falsely. Huge misunderstandings create a rift between them. Pallavi and Dida reach the police station to help Ranbir, and they yet again miss seeing Prachi there. How will Ranbir prove his innocence? Why is Payal blaming Ranbir? Keep reading.


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